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10/12/2005 3:39 pm

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Hey blog.

I used to write so much. Now it seems I never have aanything to say. What a time to get writer's block.

Who am I kidding. Fifty thousand words in one month? I must be nuts. It's not the number of words that worries me. It's having a point that takes that much story to explain that makes me nervous.

I don't talk a lot. And I know still waters are supposed to run deep but, man, that's a lot of explaining.

So, setting aside my concerns about length for a minute, if I gave up all limitations in my mind, what kind of book would I write?

Well, it would be vulgar but still sexy. It would be deep but it would still make you laugh. It would make you think. It would be a good verses evil story; a look at how evil can be just another alternative in life. It would be the story of a failed messiah who decided he wanted to live rather than be crucified. We would get to know his cowardice in the face of his divine mission but we would also recognize his strength for having made the transition from being a purely good being in an evil world to being a shade of grey among shades of grey.

I think there are 50 000 words to say about that. The trick is to make someone stay awake while they read it.

Doubt is a killer. It paralyzes. I'll start. And at the end of the month I will have written something. The way i figure it is I should write two thousand words per day and don't look back to edit until I am done. No I should edit daily.

I wonder how many words this is?

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