What will you be?  

goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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10/15/2005 11:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What will you be?

Halloween is coming...and being the wild crazy one I am...I am going to be SOMETHING.

Of course...I can get away with it because I have kids...and most look at it as me getting into the spirit with the kids.

But in my heart of hearts...I don't want to stop dressing up into costume.

Last year and the year before...I went as


Of course the costume from the previous year was me in a black dress with net-stockings, short red wig, and tattoo's everywhere. LOL...the look I was going for was...Hooker mom...who is the greatest. I even have a sash that beauty contestant where that says Worlds' Greatest mom. There also is a robe..similar to what Dorothy, Scarecrow and Tinman place around the Lion as he is singing King of the Jungle....and it wouldn't be complete without the tiara.

Last year...though...I left off the dress and such. I decided on jeans and a t-shirt. I did wear the wig and some very VERY heavy make-up...and the sash and tiara...

This year...I want something different. So..I am going to ask you guys what you are gonna be...and come on...admit it...you know you ALL still want to wear them too...lol.


Always The Bitch


10/15/2005 11:50 am

Is thinking mes is going to keep to traditions and well since I be all quacked up anyways..... am just going to look for one good Duck... Who said I should only reserve it for Birthdays!!!!!

nightstalker172 36M
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10/15/2005 11:51 am

I always pic something death related....so this year...Im thinking about Jason Voorhees.....and if I can I might get my cousin to go as Freddy Kruger lol..we typcailly go to a halloween party that my other cousin throws...we all pretty much get drunk and eat candy lol woot..

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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10/15/2005 11:51 am

hi honey i am back -- i never wore a halloween outfit in my whole life -- but our annual mother city queer project is very tempting this year -- have yet to here what the theme is tho...

[blog freelove999]

silverfoxrun 40M

10/15/2005 12:11 pm

Oh HELL yeah! My friends and I still dress up and go out. My last costumes have been: a priest with a have children shirt, neo, a vampire and pirate. I like the Hooker mom costume.

n e pictures??? >

toothysmile 50M
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10/15/2005 1:11 pm

Well, I have two costumes:

1. Marlon Brando in "The Godfather", grayed sleeked hair, small moustache, cotton balls in the mouth, fedora hat, old tweed suit.

2. Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire", tight white t-shirt [slightly dirty and sweaty], tight jeans, construction boots and uncombed hair... screaming "Stellaaaa..."

Will you help me decide which to wear?

rbnf440 55M

10/15/2005 2:07 pm

The best costume party I saw was a "Living Dead" party where everybody had to dress us like FAMOUS DEAD PEOPLE.
I went as MARC BOLAN of T.REX.
The Babe Ruth and JFK costumes were awesome.

This year I'm going DRESSED as a Certified Public Accountant with a PERSONALITY and a SENSE OF HUMOR.

No...I'm not a C.P.A.

rm_TCguy58 59M
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10/15/2005 2:12 pm

Guess I'm gonna pull out the Frank-N-Furter costume and dust off the corset and garter belt, cuz I like dressing up when I play. NOW... who wants to come out and PLAY with me? A little pain never hurtz...

rm_TheHooligan2 44M
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10/15/2005 2:24 pm

a black strapless shirt, a pair of black jeans, a pait og booths, elbow lenght gloves, tie your hair in pigtalls, and a lenghty cape might do the trick this year.

there you have WORLDS GREATEST MOM 3.0


bardicman 50M

10/15/2005 3:27 pm

Yes, I admit that I still like to dress up. I am thinking about getting in on the "Star Wars" geekdom and dressing up as young "Master Vader" this year.

I am not dead yet

MissAnnThrope 56F
11488 posts
10/15/2005 4:00 pm

Wanna really scare people? Dress businesslike and carry a briefcase that you've stenciled with the letters IRS.

CuteAZguy27 39M
1545 posts
10/15/2005 5:13 pm

MissAnnThrope-rock on, I love it !


rm_TheHooligan2 44M
409 posts
10/15/2005 6:05 pm

oh shit I have just made a fucking flat ass of myself. I read you entry wrong. however I'm not doing jack shit for holloween. I'm too old for that shit.

my last post was a suggestion for you mandy.

IdealSmile 40M

10/15/2005 7:12 pm

Um stripping Injun.pmsl

(for costume previews see EE407_AGAIN from monday onwards }

lifeisablast333 54M

10/15/2005 8:16 pm

I go as the same thing each year, a drunk redneck, note to self:
gotta make sure the Sex Goddess has bail money on her...........
I told the kids, that I would draw a line down the middle of thier faces, and they could go as butt heads.

rm_ericingeneva 39M

10/15/2005 8:58 pm

Hmm... I could use a visual aid on this one... Mandy do you have pictures of your previous costumes?

okyme 52F

10/15/2005 9:04 pm

wear a bunch of cereal boxes on you with knives and blood (fake of coures) on them and go as a cereal killer
Or stand in a trash can and go as white trash
or dress as a DR. and carry some pepper , and become Dr. Pepper and the list can go on.

weineroftheworld 66M

10/15/2005 10:13 pm

I think I'll be an Oscar Meyer Wiener. That is all I every want to be-e-e. And when I am an Oscar Meyer Wiener...everyone will want to eat me-e-e...Or maybe I can get stuffed in a nice warm bun..

keithcancook 60M
17833 posts
10/16/2005 7:06 am

One year when I was not into racking my brain for an original costume I decided to have a t-shirt made. It was black and had orange letters that read "Fuck Halloween". LOL, I got more compliments on that one than any other one I did that were much more elaborate... Oh to be young again...

rm_Bct2Esi 51M/50F
1375 posts
10/16/2005 7:49 am

Well I always dress up, my 39 year old self is deciding what to be this year. I go as a witch pretty much every year. Well except for the last two years and I have been sick. With me getting my usual head/chest cold early this year. I can dress up....wahooooooooooo This year I want to be something different. As I was reading some of these, with the recent events in my life in the past two weeks, me returning back to work with an employer that expects me to be a super worker. I was liking the super bitch, Dr. Pepper, cereal killer ideas.

His daughter who is 4 is going as elmo, wanted me to dress up like one of the sesame characters. I was thinking of oscar the grouch. hehehe

I do believe since us moms have to wear a bazillion hats a day, I think you should go as super bitch or super mom. I haven't seen anyone out there, including myself, dress up like that.

For those of you who say that you can't dress up becuase your an adult? I have always said...you are NEVER to old to have fun weather you have kids or not. LIFE is too short, why not have fun, dress up and live it up and make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi back home

with all that being said this super mom with no voice and stuffed up nose is going to clean her house and get ready for the bronco game you all have a great weekend

hotiowastud2 53M

10/16/2005 8:15 am

Hmmm tough one. I think you could pull off Daisy Duke with the right wig or hairspray, but it doesn't fit your personality. I think you could play Sharron Stone's character from Basic Instinct or frizz your hair and do the Sarah Jessica Parker character from Sex in the City.

I'm touching myself just thinking of the fishnet stocking Whoremom costume.!

mnfun952 102M

10/16/2005 10:51 am

Mandy...for your enjoyment - - it's not what you wear on the OUTSIDE.... I recommend the following costume: Orgasm Mom -

Under your standard 'Mom' type clothes - - you will wear a pair of remote-control panties...

Trick... or Treat...


dano6332 56M

10/16/2005 5:40 pm

Mandy, Stick with the hooker mom and just do the lingerie under a trenchcoat oh and dont forget the porn star shoes. purrrrrrrr
I bet your candy sack is full

starlight_runner 39F

10/16/2005 6:07 pm

I am always a princess but this year I will be a goddess.Goddesses have no need for the burden of clothing.

Kisses Star

mrgrimshade 44M

10/18/2005 12:50 am

I am planning on shaving my head and goins as uncle fester from the addams family...I already got the trick light bulb

whatever you do baby, just remember to share the pics with us


rm_StripPokher 57M
387 posts
10/19/2005 6:30 am

I'm going to a Halloween party dressed up as keithcancook, it's sure to scare the bloody hell out of everyone!

If I chicken out at the last minute because I'm too scared to go dressed up as keithcancook, I'll settle for something milder, like Wolfman.

goddessofbitches, why don't you dress up as the Catwoman?

ThiefOfKisses 55M

10/20/2005 7:25 am

I like the way your mind works g.o.b.! For Halloween I am planning to go as the "marque de sod" That is if I get it done on time. Picture a sandwich board covered in astroturf. Next, using battery powered white christmas lights spell the words "NOW PLAYING" then "COMMING SOON". On the inside/back of the board I'll have my various toys; flogger, cuffs, some rope etc. I love Halloween, it's my favorite holiday! Christmas is great also but it is too commercial.

swmlfttbm99699 72M
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10/22/2005 6:02 pm

I am going to go dressed up as a woman! I think it is about time I came out of the closet and just dress the way I WANT. I have all the clothes I need just need to shave and put makeup on. I am not passable as a woman but I just don't CARE. I just want to be ME.

Valdrane78 38M

10/23/2005 9:41 pm

A late comment, but none the less interesting. I like to have fun with my costumes. Last year I went as a Power Ranger, the red one, the year before that I was Leather Face (I carried a real chainsaw, scared alot of parents, it was great!). This year, I am thinking John Wayne Gacy in his clown costume, minus the little boys of course. But my favorite costume I ever wore was my Bill Clinton costume, you will just have to guess what my then girlfriend dressed as. I do a rather good impersonation.

BANG! POW! BOOM! a study in useless knowledge and sick humor!
I want a damn soundtrack to my blog!

JoLeeS 40F

10/26/2005 12:57 pm

Hi ya~
Just finished my costume last night.... I am going is a goth princess..... I finished the skirt(tulle and all what a pain that was), cape/blouse, and my terror tiara last night.... All purple themed... Dying my hair purple as well.. The dye is going to last awhile... Good thing my job does not care.... My friend is doing the makeup(since that is how she goes out all the time).... She is going as Darla Doom..... And our other friend is going to be Darla Doom as well(only different outfit)..... Can't wait...

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