What does a kiss tell you?  

goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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1/7/2006 8:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What does a kiss tell you?

What does a kiss tell you? Does it tell you what kind of lover you're with? Does it tell you if you have met Mr. or Mrs. Right?

I'll tell you what a kiss tells me...

A kiss can tell me a lot about the person. It can tell me whether they have had sex recently or not. It can tell me if they are dominant or submissive. It can tell me if they are good in bed or bad.

How you ask? Simple...

1.) A kiss can tell me if a person has had sex recently by the intensity and speed behind the kiss. If a person hasn't had sex recently, their kisses tend to be very fast paced and hurried. They also seem to be more forceful and put more into it at first. Some call it a hungry kiss.

2.) A kiss can tell me if they are Dom or submissive...or both. If they began to probe my mouth with their tongue, and not back down...They are a dominant. If they wait for me, and don't really play ""Tongue Tag"" with me in return...They are submissive. If they are equal, as I am...then they can be both.

3.) The last is obvious. If they can kiss...they can fuck. If the kiss is sloppy and all over the place and the person has no coordination or control...they are bad in bed.

I know that the first kiss with my husband...back when we were dating, was like sending up signals straight to my heart. I just somehow knew from that first kiss...that I was going to marry him. Sound like a fairy tale? Really, it is. But I'm the goddess here. And I'm not exaggerating. I just simply knew when I kissed him for the first time that we would be together. It was just some gut feeling I was feeling.

What do kisses tell you?


Always The Bitch

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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1/8/2006 12:21 am

mmmmm.... i agree! and [blog gaeb] gives such great kisses, just the right amount of firmness and yielding to make me melt and never never rushed...

[blog freelove999]

simplysexforyou 45M

1/8/2006 6:44 am

I have a feeling your kisses would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deepthroat215 52M
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1/8/2006 8:05 am

I can tell if my wife is noticing someing (bad breath, discomfort) as I kiss her during sex.

I can tell if my wife is thinking about me and her getting together later as she probes me a little, looks into my eyes.

When I was dating (many moons ago) I could tell if the night was going to end up with jsut that kiss, or us bumping and grinding.

papyrina 51F
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1/8/2006 1:38 pm

i agree with all you have written,finding a good kisser seems to get more difficult

o well fun searching

I'm a

i'm here to stay

MillsShipsGayly 51M

1/8/2006 3:03 pm

Very insightful.

Generally I would say the kiss tells me if they are going to be 'playful' and 'adventurous'

So analyze me:
Often, the first kiss will be light and soft, no tongue....
then tongue teasingly ... maybe throw in a light suck on the top lip or bottom lip ... an occasional nibble on the lip if I feel she is confident and will be into it ?

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

1/8/2006 6:05 pm

Free--- Then I suggesxt you hang onto that man...if nothing but for those incredible kisses.

simplysex--- They are, just ask my husband...

Jez--- I assume your a great kisser...

Deepthroat--- I can also tell a lot by the way my husband kisses. If it is a quick kiss, it means he is in no mood for "lovey dovey" If it's sloppy, then it means he is rushing to get on with "it" If it's passionate...he's in a really great mood...

papy--- It can be difficult...but very possible...Did I mention I was an awesome kisser...

Michael--- I would say that I need to try the real thing before deciding on what rating to give you....


Always The Bitch

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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1/8/2006 7:54 pm

i agree wholeheartedly with number 1, very interesting.

norprin5 55M

1/8/2006 8:01 pm

being a good kisser has always been good for me!

King Nor XVIII

popmuse01 35F

1/8/2006 9:40 pm

Right on Mandy! A good kiss can mean so many things!

When he presses his lips gently against mine, then increases pressure slowly to include the teasing tip of his tounge, then no tongue, but a total entanglement of lips, sucking on both top and bottom lip is to me, the perfect kiss. Of course, rubbing noses while catching of breath is a total plus! I have had the pleasure of that type of kiss with small variations with both a fwb and a boyfriend. To me that is the perfect kiss, and one that is almost certain to give me goosebumps and send my pulse racing!

I can usually tell with one of my fwbs if he is very excited and wants go fast...his kisses tend to get more passionate and 'dominating' and he kisses with more frequency than normal. If he is in the mood for taking it slow, his kisses are soft and sensual, with a hint of dominance. If he wants me to be dominate, his kisses are gentle and probing.

A sloppy kisser sometimes can mean bad in bed, but I've been kissed by a person who could be considered a sloppy kisser, but who is definately good in bed.

Other than that, I think everyone has a different view of what their perfect kiss is, but that is mine lol.

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

(Princess Lips)

1/8/2006 10:24 pm




SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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1/10/2006 9:51 am


I think you have found the key to understanding a kiss. I'll have to for all of these things the next time I lock lips.

Hopefully, when you kiss me, you will find nothing you don't like...



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