Palace Workers....Pt2  

goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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10/12/2005 4:34 pm

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1/1/2007 3:48 pm

Palace Workers....Pt2

Butlers With Benefits--- Let's face it, a place this big...I'll need two

Bytechaser2 Bytechaser2

Letigre1974 Letigre1974

Generals--- It's a huge palace that needs an army...

[blog anacortes] anacortes

nightstalker172 nightstalker172

Entertainers--- Needed two just to be sure...


hotiowastud2 hotiowastud2

Cooks--- Have to have two with different specialties...

cajunpet cajunpet


Party Organizers--- Let's face it...if I'm going to throw a will be huge so...


[blog dz2502] dz2502

[blog Network_Minx]


Man Slaves--- I am GOING to need more than one. With having these guys, I will never need another toy again!!!

travelingintexas travelingintexas

CuteAZguy27 CuteAZguy27



Woman Slaves--- No need to explain why I chose these...


realmom2 realmom2

tyrisshadowflame tyrisshadowflame


I may need a few a MAID and such.

But...I still have one left...
Does anyone know what I should do with this guy?


Always The Bitch

CuteAZguy27 39M
1545 posts
10/12/2005 5:31 pm

Put him in the dungeon !


mnfun952 102M

10/12/2005 6:16 pm

Hi Mandy... I'm honored to be one of your man slaves... I'm much more fun than a toy...but then again.. me AND some of your toys - now that could be interesting.

Have a great evening baby,


PS - Keith's awesome...maybe he can be your chef?

toothysmile 50M
16515 posts
10/12/2005 6:17 pm

Keith can be Secretary of State, Chief of Staff, Ambassador to the UN...

Alternatively, the Consigliere...

hotiowastud2 53M

10/12/2005 7:41 pm

Wooo Hooo....Fire up the stereo...we're all dancin' naked!!!!

wyvernrose 38F
3895 posts
10/12/2005 9:37 pm

lol keithcancook is a jack for all trades he is good for just about everything mandy just can't do without him....

you could prehaps title him the Jester


silverfoxrun 40M

10/13/2005 1:26 am

the gimp...just kidding. resident ball-buster or wait that you hun.

Ok, here's one. He is your official sponger. We washes all your special places all while humming 'eye of the tiger'.

djmuggy 39M

10/13/2005 2:27 am

I have been chosen to be a party orginizer. There might be some things the police hem and haw about, so try and keep it on the dl. , remember for every referral you give, I give you a ten percent off of next party. Thanks for stopping through my meager little alaskan blog, its nice to know I have been viewed by one of the greats. KISSES AND SMOOCHES

Bellefourchelove 62M

10/13/2005 2:47 pm

You are truly Goddess--

starlight_runner 39F

10/13/2005 3:57 pm

Remember what they did with the drunken sailor.I think that would be a splendid idea for mr can cook but wont.

Kisses Star

rm_anacortes 74M
2850 posts
10/13/2005 4:16 pm

Thank you GODDESS!!!!!!!!!!

With the staff you have assembled.. I might go AWOL to play and frolic with them.. YOU, might also want to join in.. or PULL RANK on us..

Will you write a "story" about this?


DukeAbbaddon 41M
280 posts
10/14/2005 7:02 am

and your gost lover ... ( and mee BAHHH wahhhh )

cajunpet 70M
1185 posts
10/15/2005 10:54 am

Thanks Mandy for the position of cook in your palace.

Today's Menu:

Yummy Breakfast Scones
Raspberry Breakfast Cake with Lemon Frosting (with sour cream and banana)
Western Omelette

Shrimp Stuffed with Crabmeat
Gourmet Potatoes
Beer Battered Onion Rings
Roasted Vegetable Stock
Country Custard Pie

Impressive Rice Salad
Tuscan Sausage and Bean Soup
Chicken Breasts Five Ways
Fish Fillets Baked with Sour Cream
Baked Green Beans Casserole
Tarralucci or Lady Fingers (Italian cookies)

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

mnfun952 102M

10/15/2005 8:04 pm

Damn... Desert with breakfast, lunch AND dinner.....'re going to have all of us at the castle gaining 10 lbs per week.

cajunpet 70M
1185 posts
10/17/2005 5:47 am

Hi mnfun952, It is all cyber food ~ eat all you want with no calories.

Take care.
Keep On Blogging!!!! Have a great day.

Cajun Pet

rm_StripPokher 57M
387 posts
10/19/2005 6:38 am


Make keithcancook Your COURT JESTER!

keithcancook 60M
17718 posts
12/24/2006 6:09 pm

I see there are some interesting things to be found in your basement, my dear Mandy...

PS: Merry Christmas!

goddessofbitches replies on 12/26/2006 9:33 pm:
Interesting indeed.... I hope you are having fun exploring my basement...the blog kind and otherwise...


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