Once again it's time for a BITCH RANT...  

goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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10/22/2005 10:38 am

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Once again it's time for a BITCH RANT...

I was reading a post by Philosophy_N_Sex called The best and the Worst...... in which they talked about people who steals other blogger's ideas and use them in their own blog. Problem is...they don't credit the other person for the inspiration.

Yes...they did mention that there are possibilities for coincidence. Which I believe that 25% of the time...it is such.

But the other 75% of the time..I believe it is people who are stealing these ideas because they are desperate.

I commented in their blog about how I look down on people like that. Don't get me wrong...I'm not stuck up...and no...I don't believe my shit doesn't stink. But I have the right to be higher up that those who are child molesters, killers, ...and those here who are stealing other people's topics to use as their own without crediting the source.

I dare anyone to come forward and accuse me of such. I have always credited back who my inspiration was. Today...it's P_N_S....which I highly recommend their blog... HI PEEPS!!!...

Anyone who dares use my information or another's to form a post in their blog...and there is no mention of the source you got it from...and it isn't obvious coincidence...will end up here on my shit list. I don't support that in any way...and I don't care who I piss off today...


P.S. This rant needed to come first...but there is an even bigger rant ahead...

Always The Bitch

saddletrampsk 54F

10/22/2005 11:32 am

Rant baby rant..get it all out..and yeah stealing ideas from others without giving credit is showing a great disrespect to that person..Theft of any kind if still theft, thou shalt not steal and if you do, face the wrath of Mandy..

Mr_Goodgiver 59M

10/22/2005 11:46 am

Thanks for linking us to P&S's post... we need more like you (and them).

LustGoddess2469 50F  
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10/22/2005 12:31 pm

Ok, I'm here in Chicago and was reading blogs, and had the misfortune to come upon this sad excuse for a post.

I just CANNOT believe that you are actually comparing the scum of humanity (child molesters, and murderers) to some idiot that steals an idea for a blog post. ARE YOU FRIGGIN' KIDDING ME?! Girl, if you actually think that this is an accurate comparison of ills, you need to get your head checked.

I'm sitting here shaking my head.


realmom2 59M/50F

10/22/2005 12:34 pm

Hi sweetheart. My most recent blog was inspired by another member, whom I did give credit to, which is only proper. You forgot to mention another group of people that you are higher up than, lawyers, lol.

Anyway, keep those blogs comming, they almost always seem to inspire me,(don't worry, I won't use them without your express, writtten consent). Love ya.

mnfun952 102M

10/22/2005 1:05 pm

It's been a common problem... people have even stolen others' photos... crazy, I tell ya...

Mandy - hopefull this post will 'inspire' you:

[post 118432]


MillsShipsGayly 51M

10/22/2005 1:19 pm


MissAnnThrope 56F
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10/22/2005 1:43 pm

If I get an idea from someone else's blog, I will credit it. However, I've done a few posts where someone I've never heard of before the comment will tell me they had written about that months before.

I guess there are only so many ideas around here, especially on common subjects. So coincidences are going to happen. I did a post a few weeks ago, only to find out someone else had written something very similar. The really weird coincidence was, the time stamp on our posts were the exact same time. Right down to the minute.

hotiowastud2 53M

10/22/2005 1:58 pm

man, look out I hate to think what's cumming! Boy I'd love to get you pissed off and turned on at the same time, it would be magic (and a little painful!)

digdug41 49M

10/22/2005 3:51 pm

I read that one too mandy and I feel you but I know no one is gonna bite my shit cuz no one wants to live in my shoes than god for that but yeah I feel you on that,thats not cool if ya cant find a topic then just leave it alone for another day is what I say. cya

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

toothysmile 50M
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10/23/2005 3:45 am

I love rants.
Looking forward to the bigger one!...

Give them hell...

bardicman 50M

10/23/2005 3:57 am

Hmmmm, Plagiurism is never a good thing. Most everything I post in my blog is based on my real life experiences so I pity the poor fool who wants to copy my life...
Anyways.... Mandy..... When you rant I think it excites me
I can't wait till the big one

I am not dead yet

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/23/2005 7:56 am

Lusty Darlin'.... I'm not comparing them...I'm saying I'm BETTER THAN THEM....That compared to them....I AM A GODDESS...
The point I was trying to make.... Those people are all beneth me...

So don't go shaking your lovely little head at me. When I disagree with some of the shit you write....you don't see me making a big deal about it and calling it a lame excuse for a post...

No offense there.....Honestly...

Just one question though...are you pissy because you are a guilty party?

Ok...ok...I apologize for being a BITCH...but...I am upset you would write such a comment here...


Always The Bitch

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/23/2005 8:05 am

You know...I am truly pissed about this...

I am a lot nicer to you than I have been to others in the past. What I can't understand is the disrespect you have shown me Lusty....

There are other ways to make your point. HMmm...shall I retaliate?

No..not this time...or at least not at THIS time I won't....


Always The Bitch

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/23/2005 8:06 am

Now...listen to me...

I did say everyone was entitled to their own opinions...

Alright Lusty...I'll let this slide...your probably in a bad mood...


Always The Bitch

rm_JUSTsex4me 36F
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10/23/2005 12:58 pm

Mandy, I totally agree with you on the fact that people should at least make an attempt to be original when posting in their blogs and if they can't they should at least give credit where credit is due. I actually was inspired to write a post on my blog after reading the hilarious experience you had with your son. And, yes, I did credit you even though it took me a few tries to actually get the link to your blog in there correctly, lol. And I can't wait to hear the next bitch rant to come from you.....very much looking forward to it!


nightstalker172 36M
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10/24/2005 12:12 am

I think its nice and considerate to give credit where its due but to expect it is alittle self centered IMHO....If someone used one of my ideas for thier blog and didnt credit me I dont think I would really care...A blog is just supposed to reflect your personality alittle more. If some people are similar it cant be helped. I am flattered that they would mention me if they did but it really doesnt matter to me either way...after all its just a blog...other things are more important to me..If someone copied something word for word of mine and tried to pass it off as their own however....then I would be alittle upset....

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/24/2005 8:18 am

Personallly...Chrissy...I don't give a rats ass about crosschecking...If someone is on my recently viewed list...and then they suddenly write the exact same thing as I did....then they stole my post...which isn't right. They should be themselves.

I'm sorry...but there are people who ARE better than others. You may see that all are equal and yadda yadda...but not me. There are assholes, and cunts, and whatever out there...and you and I both know we are better people that some.

And sadly...my next rant will be about how people are competing in blog world...that shouldn't be.

I hope not to offend...but I'm pissed off...


Always The Bitch

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/24/2005 11:59 am

Sorry Sassy....I have only had 4 hours of sleep and 2 kids screaming at the top of their lungs because they don't feel good. I didn't mean to be so rude. Just in a bad place right now with everything going on.
I respect your opinion. I apologize..


Always The Bitch

Theflinkychick 105F

10/24/2005 4:42 pm

Being a writer before I came into Blogville and a manager of several writing groups I have had to learn a little bit about the laws that govern the rights of writers. It's an unfortunate fact or a lucky fact, depending on your viewpoint, but an IDEA cannot be claimed as personal property and cannot hold a copyright. Even Shakespeare acknowledged that there is really nothing new under the sun. There is a big difference in offering one's own take on or version of an idea and copying text word for word. The actual expression of an idea is personal property, the author holds copyright from the minute the words are set in any concrete form and should NEVER be referenced without proper credit given. In fact, if more than a brief passage is used permission should also be granted by the original author. Usage that neglects to give credit and/or ask permission is plagiarism and is legally and morally wrong.

What I find confusing about your post is that you have not let us know what the offense actually was. Just as in real life, there are very good bloggers who follow a high moral code and would never, ever copy someone else's work but also those who post all sorts of things from other sources without bothering to credit the original source. I have not seen it from blog to blog but I probably haven't been to the proper blogs to see that. What I have seen is at least one case where the post author has blatantly stolen work from several websites and claimed it as original work. That offends me on so many levels that I can't begin to list them.

I am not even sure if you are objecting to one instance of copying from your entries, or multiple offenses, or if it is even from your own entries or from another blogger's work. It's hard to decide if I agree with your rant or not without a little more detail. You may well have a valid point or you could be getting upset over something that is just a fact of life and it's impossible to tell the difference from the information you have provided.

And, I certainly do not mean any disrespect to you, Mandy, I simply want to understand the issue before I give an opinion. Btw I was disappointed to find that you were not able to attend the convention. I hope you can make the next one.

Not all who wander are lost.

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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10/24/2005 5:02 pm


Well then I'll just get my ass covered up front then...

You are my inspiration and hero. If I ever have a really good idea it must have come from you.

If I ever have a really shitty one then please stick up for me and find somebody to blame that deserves it! (I'm totally kidding!!!)

Anything in between is my own.



Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

10/24/2005 9:46 pm


Very good post, and funny how some do get offended? Happened to you I bet see someone in your recent visitors, then next day boom very very simular post.

Thank you very much for linking back to my humble abode!

Bitches rule !!

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