In the Rain  

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8/5/2005 1:58 pm

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In the Rain

Sorry that I haven't been online guys....apparently the cable Internet went to a higher signal and we had to replace our modem. Oh well...I'm back and better than ever.

In the Rain
It was a warm day....cloudy...not humid...and you could smell the rain heading our way. We lay there...together....kissing...his hands were rubbing my breasts and slowly made their way to my bikini bottoms. He stroked lightly...teasing me....I ached...ached for him to go ahead and put himself deep inside me. I could feel the need...the rush.... I ran my finger tips of my left hand across his nipples...while the right ventured down into his swim shorts. I felt him harden as I wrapped my hand around him and began to fondle it...rub it...and tease the head...
He moved so that I was on top...then I began to go down on him...I kissed my way from his very full and needy lips to his nipples...where my tongue teased and kissed them both...then on down his stomach...only to stop one inch above him.....I knew he wanted my mouth around him and yet I teased up and down his shaft with my tongue. I slowly removed his shorts and Finally...when he could no longer take it...I put him in my mouth very quickly...the rush of filling my mouth had him aching a bit...and a huge sigh escaped his lips....I moved him in and tongue circling around him...My right hand went to the base while my left went underneath him and explored.
I continued to fondle every part of his hands took turns rubbing his nipples and touching every part of him....and soon...he came into my filled me...I swallowed
He leaned back again with another sigh and relaxed for a minute as I continued to move my mouth on him.
At last...He pulled me up to him and then in one swift movement...flipped me over onto my back...he teased and caressed my breasts....using his right hand to remove my bikini...after I had been stripped down completely...he made his way slowly down..making sure he kissed the inside of my thighs and pleasing me with the same type of teasing that I had just done to him...
Then...he parted my lips and used the tip of his tongue to gentle wet me in places I wasn't already wet... His arms wrapped around my legs and came up to rest on my breasts...he put his whole face down and just enjoyed himself. It was like he was drinking me in as fast as he though he was dehydrated and needed me and my juices to keep him alive.... I fought the orgasm as the wind began to pick up....the dark clouds were moving in very quickly...In that moment I saw the power that I held over him...and he knew yet the power he held over me.
Bringing his hands back down...he wet his first finger and let it slide in deep within me....that drove me NUTS!!! I was fighting to hold it off..fighting for it....and yet...I was so wrapped into it I was loosing my mind. I felt as though I was on the edge and wasn't ready to release...but with one whisper..."cum for me now..." electricity shot through me and the feeling of cumming over the edge...the orgasm that swept through me...was so intense...I could have cried....I would have...but immediately he stood...repositioned the chair we were using...and entered me...and when he did...It felt amazing...he was not too big..but he made sure I felt him....He went deeper...his strokes were very slow and long...then they began to speed up more...and this time...the gentle rain began to fall...we didn't care...we kept going...he continued and I moved my hips to join in the rythmatic movements. WE were one... and it was the most incredible feeling...nothing was stopping us...not being outside in the back yard where anyone could see...not the rain..which at this point went from a slow light drizzle to big heavy rain drops...we were getting soaked and yet...we still didn't care....and as we came closer...closer of reaching a climax...a climax that somehow we both knew would come when the other came....the thunder began to rumble slightly....and at that VERY moment when the lightning flickered and the thunder roared...we came amazed me... our love making was so electric...that even nature could feel it.........

I reach around about that time and turn off the shower head. I was cold because the hot water had run out. I reached for the towel to dry off. AS I am drying husband opens the door to ask me a question. He gets a glimpse of the little beads of water that remained on my body and comments at how beautiful I am when I am wet. LoL...Boy...if only he knew....


Always The Bitch

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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8/5/2005 2:38 pm

mmmm.... nice fantasy, and the giggle at the end ... !

[blog freelove999]

cutecrip 47M

8/5/2005 2:43 pm

Ahhhhh....gotta love the rain!
Stay well, One love and God bless!

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/5/2005 8:47 pm

Freelove--- Glad you liked it.

Cutecrip--- Yes...that blessed rain....


Always The Bitch

lenore00 33F

8/6/2005 9:32 am

i know what mandy did last night.. he he he

hey babe.. next time your hubby tries to undress you while on the phone with me.. LET ME KNOW.. hahhaha.. luv ya..cant wait to get out to kentucky!


goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/6/2005 12:49 pm

There is more to the story than what you know just gonna have to get on down here to Kentucky and See for yourself how much fun I (WE) can be. By the hubby says hi...and he wants me to undress you while he he talks on the

Always The Bitch

TaZmAnIa2002 37F

8/7/2005 12:19 pm


What a fantasy, especially in the rain.. One of the best things in the world... You have a great imagination.. i couldn't help but giggle a bit when i got to end.. wonderful story..

HUGS to ya

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/8/2005 9:12 am

Thanks TaZ....I am happy you liked it.

Always The Bitch

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