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goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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8/13/2005 1:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Hair Cuts

I went to the salon today and had a very sexy lady cut my hair. Now, normally, I don't like going. Most of the time I can't describe what I want or when I do go and DO know what I want, whoever is doing it NEVER seems to be able to get it right.

But today, it was THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!! She was gentle...didn't pull to much...and she knew EXACTLY what I needed. I was in heaven. It didn't help she was VERY BEAUTIFUL and I had eye candy the majority of the time. She is also a member of AdultFriendFinder and I had a blast with her.

What type ofbad expiriences with hair salons have you had?? Was it something that was easily fixed??


Always The Bitch

mnfun952 102M

8/13/2005 2:14 pm

HI Mandy... I'm still waiting for that day when I walk into a place for a haircut... it's late in the day and I'm the last customer....and the beautiful woman cutting my hair leans forward, brushing her breasts against the back of my neck..... well, you get the picture.

As for BAD experiences - before I fixed my eyes (LASIK surgery), I would take my glasses off to get my hair cut.. couldn't really see what was going on, etc... and once the haircut was SO bad (complete with nicks and cuts on my neck, around my ears, etc..) I had to go for that 1/8" shaved look... it sucked...big time. I don't like to get my hair cut... I have a lot of hair and I wish it would stop growing...

take it easy and have fun!


rm_ericingeneva 39M

8/13/2005 3:02 pm

I got my haircut last week (before going to meet Amber) at Mia & Max in the mall and she did an okay job but she forgot to shave the back of my neck, so I had to do it myself afterwards. But she was cute and sexy so I'll be going back next week. Short blonde hair (very cute) with Tatoos and some cute piercings one of those cute and clean sorta freaky types. Oh and she basically rested her tits on my neck when she was trimming the top that was nice pick me up.

eternal1969 47M
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8/14/2005 2:41 am

Well, I wished I had your hair stylist From my experiences, I have always found that I when I enjoy the services of eye candies, my haircut tends to suck. So I guess I am the odd ball that actually picks out well groomed but unattractive ladies to meddle with my hair

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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8/14/2005 4:38 am

all those VERY misguided perms in the eighties ... i won't say more ...

[blog freelove999]

drnick20054 28M

8/14/2005 7:40 am

they always cut my hair to short

keithcancook 60M
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8/14/2005 8:11 am

My worst experience in a hair salon was my first. I was 16 and went with my mother as she ran errands. I was not there for service, but all the ladies insisted that my eyebrows needed "fixing". Before I knew what was happenening I was in a chair and hot wax was placed above my nose. "RIIIPPPP!"

The next day as I got ready for school I noticed about 30 tiny zits had formed right between my eyes. Horrors!

I steered clear of beauty salons for the next two decades.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/15/2005 7:25 am

MnFun--- I think that once I get done with beuty school, I should come there and show ya how it is SUPPOSE tp be done. I would do it now, seeing as I cut my hubby's and son's hair, but, I think it would be more comforting to you if I had the license
and by breasts are a good size for rubbing against necks..

Eric--- So you got your hair cut and they forgot to shave thy neck? How wong is that.

SexyFitwoman--- I like that part too, especially when they lean over to make sure the soap is out of one side and the boobs fall in your naughty me.

rascalinbc--- I love long hair on guys....I don't care what ya do...that long hair will melt my heart and get me wet

eternal1969--- THat's so funny.....all you have to do is remember to not move your head as you watch them, but use the mirror and use your eyes to watch

Always The Bitch

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/15/2005 7:29 am

FreeLove999 --- ahhh...yes...I remember getting a perm...or two...or

drnick20054--- You are adorable...and looking at the pic...I think it really doesn't mattter what you cut you hair length

Keith--- I can't imagine having that done!!! I have never waxed my eyebrows for fear the hair will grow back and look awefull. If you take a good look at my pic, you will see that my eye brows don't look that bad for "naturals"


Always The Bitch

TexasBestHead 51M/53F

8/15/2005 11:48 am

I have ISSUES when it comes to getting haircuts too-I HATE IT EVERYTIME! I never seem to be able to describe what I want either! One time I was trying to describe to my LONG TIME REGULAR hairdresser how I wanted the sides of my hair to look. It seemed to me no one was doing to it what I thought it needed to do what I wanted....So, I asked him-Can't you jus do it like this? As I motioned with my fingers. He combed one side down, grabbed it between his fingers, held it out from my head, and in one mighty exasperated SNIP (he went) LIKE THIS???I was a little concerned, but I thought-hey,I kinda do like that. I sat in silence as he worked his way around my head.On the other side, he began cutting the way he always had-nothing like what he had jus done opposite. I said "Hey!Aren't ya gonna DEWIT the same on both sides???" His face took on an obvious ~you are really stupid aren't you~ look, and with it he said "NO!" so I said "WHY?" You know what he said??? "CUZ YA DON'T CUT HAIR THAT WAY-THAT'S WHY!!! I never set foot in that salon again.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/15/2005 11:59 am

TexasBestHead--- I would have smacked the shit out of him. Seriously. I think that anyone who doesn't want to fullfill the needs of the person sittng in the chair needs to just quit their job and find something else to do. He sounds like a real asswipe and I think he needs to go ahead and kiss your ass for being rude.


Always The Bitch

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8/15/2005 6:38 pm

Hey sweetheart...thanks for the ego boost (psst, I'm the hairdresser, hint hint). BTW---it was certainly a pleasure doing business with ya. Hope you're enjoying the cut/color. It always helps when you have a beautiful client to work with... your beauty is purely natural. I look forward to doing more (business or pleasure) with you in the NEAR future.

This post literally made me cringe at the horror stories. I always try to take REAL good care of my clients.

MissAnnThrope 56F
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8/16/2005 6:00 am

My worst experience is from back in the 80s, when I was conned into going to a salon that was supposed to be one of the best in the state. The owner had won a the Clairol award several years in a row. That really should have been the tip off.

I told her what color I wanted. She decided I was wrong. So, I got a color I absolutely hated. It was a carroty orange, with a base that didn't go with my skin tone. I also asked for a three inch trim and wispy bangs. After the color was off, I get in the chair for the trim. Before I even knew what was going on, she's cutting my hair to my shoulders! I screamed, "What are you doing?" and I got told, "Oh, you have split ends, so I have to take this much off." My hair was down to my hips at the time. As for wispy bangs? Forget it. She decided I needed full bangs.

Then it was time for the blow-dry. I have very thick hair. After 20 minutes of trying to blow-dry it, she gave up and decided to send me out of the salon with wet hair. Needless to say, I never went back.

A few weeks later, I ran into an old friend who used to work there and told her about the experience. She told me, they absolutely hate long hair there, even though the balding owner kept his pony tail down to his waist. Their theory was, the shorter the hair, the less time to blow-dry and style. She also told me, that salon carried a massive amount of malpractice insurance, as they were always being sued and losing after doing such things. That it was a shame I didn't take a before picture, so I could sue.

That would have to be my worst salon story. I won't mention what it cost.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/16/2005 7:41 am

WAY2GOOD is the hair dresser and she did take real good care of me. THANKS for the compliments and yes, I am enjoying the cut and about we do some pleasure at the won't mind if we go to the back....

Always The Bitch

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/16/2005 8:29 am

MissAnn--- I would have smacked the shit out of her....split ends or not!!! My hair is MY hair and if I WANT it a certain way, then by god I want it a certain way and no one BETTER TELL ME OR DO ANYTHING DIFFERENT!!! Don't get me wrong, small suggestions are cool, but when someone totally ignores what I said and starts to do their own thing....that's a request for an ass


Always The Bitch

demonicsexkitten 41F
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8/17/2005 1:43 am

MissAnn: i don't know how i would survive such an experience!! i'd probably kill the person who did my hair, then have to go to prison. sigh.

i have thigh-length hair. i go to Fantastic Sam's... with coupons. cheap, but i have the same woman cut my hair almost every time. i've had women offer free braiding just so they could keep playing with my hair and practice braiding as they usually don't get the chance. i hate, though, when they make me stand for the cut. one time... whoever did my hair had the brilliant idea of using the shaver/trimmer/whatever on the ends to make sure they were even. But forgot to warn me ahead of time. When i heard the shaver start up... apparently my look was deadly. one of the other hair dressers saw my look in the mirror, and warned the lady doing my hair that she'd better turn it off and explain, cuz i was about to lose it.

does anybody know of hair salon's that specialize in long hair? and by long i mean thigh-length, not bra-length. there probably aren't many (if any) in the eastern washington/northern idaho area.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/17/2005 7:15 am

Hmm...Demonic Sex Kitten....I think that you best chance is to talk to all of the shops in your area. With having such long hair, they may charge you more, but, if you call around and ask specifically....DO you specialize in cutting and styling long hair....and if they say phrase the question just to make sure...I want you to ask and make sure, don't say yes because you want my business, ask and make sure that there is someone in your shop that has cut someone's hair that is past her hips before. Try to go from there.


Always The Bitch

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8/23/2005 7:21 pm


As much as you may have hated the fact that the lady (or man) had you stand for your was probably one of their better ideas considering the length of your hair. You could have ended up with a really jacked up haircut if they had allowed you to remain sitting in the chair. Long hair can be very challenging...and regardless of the inconvenience you felt you were being put through at the time...MOST hairdressers are looking out for your best interest. It is also not uncommon for a hairdresser to "trim up" the edges with an electric trimmer, however, I agree, she should have informed you ahead of time of her plans. I certainly hope your quest to find a better qualified hairdresser is successful. Once you do...stick with will be easier for both you and them; they will know your hair and your personality as well as your likes and dislikes.

Good luck!!

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

8/26/2005 11:49 am

WAY2GOOD--- You are way to think your right..and I also think that you are incredible....


Always The Bitch

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