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goddessofbitches 41M/33F
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10/27/2005 11:21 am

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First Everything

I sat last night and pondered my last post...and it somewhat put me on this path of thinking about Firsts.

Your first kiss...first slow dance...first lover, fist LOVE...

It amazes me how many women remember their firsts. But....I had never asked a man who their FIRSTS were. I asked my husband who is first love was...and he said he couldn't am not sure if he thought that was one of those female trick questions we ask were no answer is really the right was cute to watch him do a bit of a tap dance around the issue.

Today I am asking both sexes...Do you remember your FIRST KISS AND WHO IT WAS WITH? First dance? First love?


Always The Bitch

papyrina 51F
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10/27/2005 2:05 pm

first kiss,nigel it was awful
first sex ,i wish that on no woman,
first dance ,that was sweet with robert dury

I'm a

i'm here to stay

papyrina 51F
21133 posts
10/27/2005 2:07 pm

first kiss,nigel it was awfulall teeth
first sex ,i wish that on no woman,
first dance ,that was sweet with robert dury

I'm a

i'm here to stay

screwmeovernout 59M

10/27/2005 2:44 pm

First kiss couldnt tell ya, First meaningful Kiss I remember quite well

letigre1974 42M

10/27/2005 2:47 pm

hi mandy!!! missed ya! just wanted to say hi!

first kiss....a girl named cheryl(i was in fourth grade, and i got so nervous cause we were playing ghost in the grave yard in a corn field, that i ran through a barbed wire fence...cut me up good, ha! we moved away that summer)

first slow dance...angela...jr. high coke dance, too nervous to know.

first lover...christine, cuban woman, oh my god good.

first love...tara g.

first love...

saddletrampsk 54F

10/27/2005 4:00 pm

first kiss and dance was with the same boy, Gerald..he made me feel so special..
first sex was a real let-down though, with John..glad I didn't give up on it..

bardicman 50M

10/27/2005 4:23 pm

My first kiss was on a band trip (seriously)
It was a wonderful experience but the girl was just getting even with my friend because he didnt show up. The next band trip she was with him......
Then this one time at band camp .......

I am not dead yet

expatbrit49 62M

10/27/2005 4:50 pm

First Kiss - Jane
First Dance - No Clue
First Love - Melanie
First Sex - Um she was a blonde (thats terrable i cant remember her name)

Sheesh Guys

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

jim5131 55M
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10/27/2005 5:51 pm

First Kiss: Terri. Germany. 1975. On the bus to school. We're still in touch, she lives in Phoenix, happily married Mom. Beautiful brunette.

First Dance: Kathy. Germany. 1974. I was 13. She was 14. Slow danced, too unsure of 'regular' dancing. She is in South Carolina, a recovering alcoholic/prostitute. I think she sells cosmetics..

First Love: Kay. Louisiana. 1978. Still love her tremendously. Also First Heartbreak. She's a happily married Mom and living in Jacksonville FL. We're still in touch. I dedicated my one-and-only karaoke song to her in Singapore in 1990: Dire Strait's 'Romeo and Juliet'. Made `em all cry.

First Sex: Penny. 1980. My bedroom. Yes, I was a virgin through high school, despite football/baseball/partying. She knew what she wanted. I didn't know what the hell I was doing. Took about a thousand more 'tries' to perfect it. Liked her a LOT. Didn't feel like love.

First Lovemaking: Denise. 1984. Second woman I actually loved, but to a lesser degree than Kay. Better than sex. Waaaay better. Married later that year. Two sons in 1986 and 1990. Divorced in 1997. Still love her. To a lesser degree.

Nice post. thanxx for the opportunity...

mnfun952 102M

10/27/2005 6:10 pm

Indeed I do... First I danced.... (I was 8 - her name was colette) then I kissed (I was 10, her name was Jill)... then I loved (I was 15 - her name was Kathy). Three separate experiences, three separate women...and I'll never forget them.


popmuse01 35F

10/27/2005 6:36 pm

first best friend/next door neighbor Kerry when I was 11 (he was 13) one of the best kisses I've ever had and it's why I am obsessed with kissing today!

First school, sophomore the winter dance with my best friends' date. Don't remember his name, but we danced to a hugely popular country song and had a ball every time we messed up! lol. good time there.

first first kiss. hehe. He'd asked me out the night he kissed me. I still remember he was nervous as hell...I was the first girl he'd asked out...and his first love.

other first that I remember...kissing another woman on a dare from the guy I ended up sleeping with (my first intercourse was a unfortunately)

I tend to forget the person...but remember the experience.

I'm leaving the site end of March. To those who want to keep in touch, see blog for details.

nightstalker172 36M
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10/27/2005 7:58 pm

I had my first kiss and my first sexaul exsperince with the same person the sex was very...akward....but once we got the hang of things it was pretty good...she was my first love as was really sad how things ended...but what can you do.

rm_1hotwahine 63F
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10/27/2005 9:07 pm

first kiss was kinda of too young to really count
first dance - JR
first sex - waiting until I got out of high school. Ok, so it was two weeks after I got out of high school. With Bruce, 5 years older, knew him forever, dated for a couple months, didn't love him but liked him and I was ready to see what it was all about. Brings back a nice smile and giggle.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

Dallas_Male_35 47M
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10/27/2005 11:14 pm

First actual kiss (not counting being 5 and playing doctor) - was in 8th grade at the movies. It was one of those little powder puff type kisses. In 8th grade, back then, it was kinda sexy; but thinking back now, it was like kissing a piece of sheetrock.

First love, was my summer after my junior year of highschool. I met her and she stole my heart. We became friends but I was too shy, and she started to date other people and we lost touch. We hooked up again and started to date my freshman year of college. Her family moved her away and I lost her.

First dance (not including being a kid and just goofing off) - my senior prom. I danced a slow song with the girl that had won a local beauty pageant. We had been friends for about 5 years. She was a nice girl. She didn't even make fun of my erection LOL.

First sex. Well, I was alone that day; but first sex with another person was horrible and I pretend it never happened. I consider that firts love to be my first love making experience (just not the first fuck). . . . if that makes sense.

sikphuk2u 43M
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10/28/2005 1:02 am

yes, I definitly remember my 1st. love,my 1st fuck & you know as lame as this may sound ,I have not had a REAL girlfriend since.Just fuck buddies.I DONT like the pain that we expirence when you have to end a realationship. I'ts been almost 5 yrs since i've been in LOVE . & i'm a GOOD LOOKIN guy & fit .I CAN TAKE ANYTHING,PAIN ECT... BUT I CAN'T DO THE BROKEN HEART ROUTE AGAIN. and we all know NOTHING is forever,so it's garrenteed to end. thank's signed,sikphuk.

tillerbabe 55F

10/28/2005 1:30 am

First Kiss - Pete, (In a closet at my "first boy-girl party)
First Dance -????
First Love and First sex -Bernie (real name Frederick)We were together for 10 years unitl I was 23 - he still wants me back....oh well, he was the FIRST abusive relationship I was in too....

luckywithladeez 49M
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10/28/2005 2:34 am


First kiss: First grade, Mrs Price (35-yrs. old) long black hair, very pretty woman, very well liked teacher. One afternoon, after answering a quiz question on the blackboard, she reached down and lifted me right off of the gound and kissed me full on the lips for at least tow minutes, licking my little tongue, too. all I could think was ummmm, ummmm, good...

First dance: First informal dance, 9 yrs old at the school kids sock-hops with Debbie. First real slow touchy-feely sensual dance, 11 yrs old with Henrietta in a dark corner of the gym. song: Hey Jude, by the Beatles. We kept moving at least 30 seconds after the song finished. Exciting!

First lover: Henrietta's older sister Cindy. She was 16 and I was 12. She seduced me. ha ha ha

First love: puppy love - Henrietta

Msrotary 36F

10/28/2005 3:29 am

Fist kiss.... 7th form Tony eeeeewww sooo sloppy
First love....Casey (that one lasted years)
First slowdance--- some boy in intermediate school maybe Glenn (mmmmmm he was spunky tho) -he had a crush on me and i was too young to take any interest. back when they made us learn ballroom dancing
First sex..... my ex Hamish (yeah 2nd year of university -i was a slow starter ok

Funny how the first (except for that slowdance) werent the same as the best.

paintmeblue 62M

10/28/2005 4:31 am

Weird. I have no recollection of my first kiss. I don't suppose it was very good.
First dance. I can visualise her, and the dress she was wearing. Very pretty, but I can't remember her name.
First love, Lorraine, and unrequited.
First sex, ha ha ha. Her nickname was VD - as she was the vicar's daughter. Half the boys in the neighbourhood knew her very well. A sweetie though, and I can just recall her name was really Lindy.
Maybe she was my first kiss, you hardly remember the kissing when you've already made it to home base.

hotiowastud2 53M

10/28/2005 5:34 am

Goddess I talked about a first on my blog a while ago, but here goes with the condensed version.

First kiss - Lisa (out of my league, she was bemoaning the loss of a boyfriend and we made out in front of her house) 1980

First Dance - Real dance? Lisa again, that night she pulled me in close and I knew it was time to go be alone.

First Love - And she broke my heart, had to be Elaine. I had known the family a long time and we dated (at my request). We never got to hot and heavy.

First sex - Sue (see blog about when No becomes Yes)

I want to follow up on your sex study comments and this topic. I believe you and I think a like in terms of sex and love. I see a lot of my beliefs in your writting.

rm_rsp54 58F
531 posts
10/28/2005 8:59 am

First kiss:Joey D. the sixth grade I was seduced by his drawings he would send me. I have been a sucker for artists ever since

First dance: also Joey we became an item. Just loved when we slow danced and he would blow in my ear.

First sex: His name was Fred and he thought he was hot because he was in a rock n roll band. I was sixteen. What a turnoff!!!

First Love: His name was larry I was 19 and he played very hard to get. I seemed only interested in the unavailable ones at that time.

rm_ericingeneva 39M

10/28/2005 9:59 am

First Kiss... Allison
First Dance... Francine
First Love... Beth
First Oral Receiving... Beth
First Oral Giving... Jodie(#1)
First Oral Receiving with Cumming... Jodie(#1)
First Sex... Mary
First Good Sex... Mary
First Amazing Sex... Mary
First Sex with a Tatooed Girl... Mary
First Sex with a pierced Girl... Mary
yes those are all the same girl... and it was all the same night.
First Squirting Pussy Sex... Leslie
First Deep Throat... Leslie
First Made Girl Pass Out Sex... Leslie... in the shower
First/Last Lesbian... Kari
First Time Tied Up... Sarah
First Mindblowing Sex... Jodie(#2)
First Threesome... Jodie(#2) and Gina
First Marriage... Jodie(#2)
First Divorce... Jodie(#2)

I can't think of any other firsts that are worth remembering but I can post again if I remember some... unless you think that's enough.

dano6332 56M

10/28/2005 12:20 pm

Mandy I remember them all and sometimes miss them

anchcpl4fun 40M/44F

10/28/2005 3:40 pm

1st kiss~john
first dance~john
first sex~ john
first kid after first sex~john
first person I would run over with a truck instead of get out and help outta the

tribent 48M/42F

10/28/2005 6:30 pm

well lets see.
First kiss- Can't remember her name (wish I did) but it was in 2nd grade and we snuck off behind some bushes during recess.

first dance- still waiting for that one... well maybe not but I have no idea when I had my first dance.

first Sex- Depends on how you define sex. First time with oral sex was when we were 8 years old (oddly before the first kiss) and we were playing house her name was Wendy. but first actuall sex was with my best friends girlfriend, Lucy. I know bad bad Joe but I was 18 at the time and had more testosterone than morals.

First Love- I was 21 and her name was Kim. I still think about her to this day, Clearly I love my wife more but I don't think you can ever stop loving someone.


notquitehawkeye 73M
3 posts
10/28/2005 6:36 pm

You are asking me to set the Wayback machine a LONG time ago, but first kiss, whoa, a girl whose last name was Cooper, but the first memorable one, Randi Mevorach. About the time the North Koreans crossed the 38th parallel. First love, Linda from New City, New York, since passed on. First time, in the sense of FIRST TIME, Mary Lou, the daughter of my parents' best man in 1965. Yes, guys remember stuff! Sweet question. How can people resist?


five_speed 41M

10/28/2005 11:28 pm

I remember all of those things. I also remember the anniveraries of every relationship and the birthdays and favorite song and favorite flower of every woman have ever had a relationship with.

havenbliss 43F

10/29/2005 7:17 am

First kiss- Francis...turned in a total complete make out session on my front porch. (yeah no curfew)

First Dance- Chris (sex on a dance floor, something we perfected over the years)

First Feel up- Luis (brother's best friend and my brother still doesn't know he and I were hot and heavy for each other)

First Sex- Jarrod, suprisingly good despite how short and how drunk we were.

First Love- Still looking..I've had almost love a few times and feelings of closeness but never someone I thought I "needed to be with"

First crush might be a good addition to this round of questions..

rm_NWMNman7 34M

10/29/2005 9:08 am

First dance - JP - June 11, 1998
First Kiss - ML - Sept 6, 1999
First Love - ML - Declared on Oct 13, 1999
First sex/bj/oral/etc - hasn't happened yet

I can remember every first, every anniversary, every detail about the girls I've dated (there's only two of them)

looker0529 41M
1 post
10/29/2005 1:38 pm

wow email me sometime my sexy woman (AdultFriendFinder)

bella_ 47F
4030 posts
10/29/2005 2:51 pm

First kiss...Marcello
First dance...Marcello
First sex...John
Last sex...myself

toothysmile 50M
16515 posts
10/29/2005 2:56 pm

First dance... 7 years old with Marina, we danced until we dropped... I still run into her, she has 3 lovely kids, and she always reminds me [as if she had to...], "You were my first dance partner..."

First kiss... the funniest story; 11 years old on a ski trip to Bulgaria of all places!... With a much older girl named Sunny, at the hotel lobby... in front of everyone. She just grabbed me and kissed me long and hard, before I had a chance to even think! I kissed her back instinctively, then turned 15 shades of red...

First love... age 16, I will not reveal her name. Crazy about her, ended amicably. Haven't seen her in a while but we are good friends. Last time I saw her, we went out for dinner with her husband-to-be, nicest fellow you 've met. I see her parents every now and then and they always say the nicest things about me...

rm_likenyou2005 67M/67F

10/29/2005 4:39 pm

first love, I'll never forget. I was 17, It took me the next 17 years to get over her. I'll never forget how much I loved her. I am thankful for the experience. It helped make me who I am today.

curious082385 31F
4925 posts
10/30/2005 12:05 am

First kiss...warren, i was 14
First sex...also warren...a fact i regret greatly even to this day
First sex that counted...chris
First love...chris
First heartbreak...chris
(sad smile)

GuestInFrance 33M
16 posts
10/30/2005 1:55 am

my first kiss was a horrible and embarrassing experience. But my first sexual experience was picture-perfect. It was with my first love (and only love, i think) after we had been together for 6 months. We actually both waited until the right moment and a time where we both would be comfortable.

When you truly love someone, then you know.

warmandsexy52 64M
13164 posts
10/30/2005 5:53 am

First kiss - Yvonne
First dance - I've forgotten her name but I think she was Armenian
First sex - Sue. She was streetwise enough to ask me to finger her to orgasm first.
First Love: Fiona

Gosh, I've gone all nostalgic!

MillsShipsGayly 51M

10/30/2005 11:31 am


Dance: some anonymous girl (I remember cuz she laughed at me)
Kiss: Lori (her going away party, at night on a hammock)
Love: Caroline (CB was 16; I was 14 no sex yet)
Oral: Hannah (in her house, front room, couch)
Intercourse: Beth (19 yr old, I was 15, on the ground,night, local Y)
Anal: Anne (in college)
Cucumber: Anne (she was wild)
Restraints: Anne (she was really wild)
Famous: Jodie F (well in bed with her, but not what you think)
Wife: Linda
Cheat: Lauren (co-worker in a motel)
D/s: pet (real name dawn
Regret: Liz

silverfoxrun 40M

10/30/2005 1:48 pm

jeez first kiss...i cant even remember, i'm horrible about that.

first clue, does a lap dance count?

first love, this one i know, toni

first sex...jeez not til college, sad

interested13563 53M
2557 posts
10/30/2005 3:12 pm

I remember all firsts. But do names matter? And then
I remember all in-between. And often I hoped I wouldn't.

LIBlonde97 40F
1028 posts
10/31/2005 12:09 am

First Kiss: Mark Deters on the playground 3rd grade. My family moved away and I was heartbroken.

First Love/First Sex: Declan OConnor, bad Irish boy I loved to death. Still do to this day.

First Dance: I dont remember.

First Kiss with a Girl: Alexis, college friend.

First Sex with Girl: Adrienne, college friend.

First Husband: Danny

First Anal Sex: Danny (Merry Christmas, Honey..)

First true orgasm: Declan

(and First Divorce: Danny)

Satyr48 68M
1773 posts
11/2/2005 12:32 pm

I remember ALL my "firsts"
First (unrequitted) puppy-love: Susie Burgio, 1961
First real date: Lynn Turkel, "teen-night party" 1962
First real dance: Linda Slater, Upperclassmen's Prom 1962
First Oral Sex Received: Annie H. (a friend of my MOTHER'S!), 1965
First (meaningful, girlfriend, non-peck-on-the-cheek) kiss: Joanne W, 1966
First mutual fondling: Same girl, same time!
First Oral Sex Given: Same girl, next week
First real penetration sex: Same girl, 1966
First crushing, left-me-for-dead breakup: Same girl (Who'da guessed?), 1967
First MFM: Steve M. & his girlfriend, Linda, 1967 (sympathy/recovery sex)
First Sex in Public: Doris S, 1968 (Movie theater - John Wayne's "Hellfighters"
First Marriage: Donna D, 1970
First (& only) Divorce: Same girl, 1973
First FMF: Kit B. & Doris S.(again!), 1974
First Sex with Sisters: Kit & Chrissy, 1974
First Gang-Bang: Vicki, Chip, Eddie, Roger 1974
First Full Swap: Robert, Vicki, & "M" (my current wife), 1974

Pleasing women in unbelievable ways for 45 years...
You could be next...

up4itnow 43M

2/1/2006 11:41 am

1st kiss.....Tracey Bright in townsville Nth Queensland at the drive in......corny huh?
1st time of sex.....Barbara......late start in early 20's
1st slow dance.....was probably Vikki not sure, not really a most males....
1st love......first time i fell IN love was Sarah, but my first true love has got to be my daughter.....but then thats unconditional as a parent isn't it probably doesn't

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