In the Pool  

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1/17/2006 9:45 am

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In the Pool

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like sharing a sexual encounter in a pool or in the water? I've been in that pool and have found nothing like it for a enjoyable and memorable climatic experience. Let me tell the secret about my first encounter and hopefully not the last for me.

. It was in Mariana AZ. with my work mates wife. She and girl friends were at the pool sunning and chatting on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Let me preface this by sharing with you the circumstances for which I was so blessed to suffer thru this experience. It was on a Airfield where the Airline I was working for at the time was based. It had been a ole CIA Base previously back years ago and had base housing and all the enmities you might expect on a military base including a restaurant.
I was living there alone living in a Apt before wife got there from Portland from which I had been transferred. These Apartments were used for employees in transit and any guest of the Airpark, while the permanent employees lived in ole Officer housing complex there on the Airfield. Soooooooooo. As I was living by myself in a apartment and close to the Olympic size swimming pool I kinda took it upon my self to keeping the pool clean and spent much of my free time around there. On this particular Saturday it was quite warm and most of all the kids and ladies of the Airpark were at the pool sunning and playing. Well you'd know ,of course, Ole Willie would be there cause all the sexy wives and guests were there. I was going around the pool skimming the debris out when I noticed the ladies on their lounge chairs. I surveyed the lot and immediately I noticed one of my work mates wife lying there on her back sunning ,with her eyes closed and her knees bent and slightly apart exposing that beautiful "Y" area, of hers, accented by the reddish/auburn pubic hair softly outlining her swimming suit. Now I had never spent any personal time with her before but had seen she before around the pool and in the restaurant. She was a tall lady of at least 5'9" and a nice lady of late 30's figure short hair and carried her self very attractively. She was not big busted but a nice 32-34b,well shaped and nice perky nipples. I also had noticed previously she had a nice round tight posterior and a sweet little tummy and she was well aware how to exercise her attributes to gain my attention. As I approached her I kept glancing up at her display frequently totally enjoy myself and had no Idea she knew I was ogling her "Y". When I got right there at her feet she opened her eyes winked and closed them again. I had been caught and embarrassed. I had know idea she was baiting me in to her trap. Kathy was her name and sexy was her fame. Any way to me. I continued on my way skimming and when I got to the other end I put down the skimmer and slipped in to the pool to cool off in more than one way. I just bobbed there in the deep end for a while and then began swimming for the other end where Kathy was. Just one more peek would be nice I was thinking. When I came up at the end to turn and swim back there she sat dangling her legs in the water with those beautiful legs apart and my face was with in a foot of her "Y". Damn her she knew very well what she was doing and how excited she had me. I lifted my head out of the water, took a big breath, and with her hand she splashed water at me, all the while proudly showing her perky breasts and sweet smile. I was so got that I apologized for being so close and she said 'I want you close and would like for you to be closer." That time I didn't go away but didn't make any move either cause the other ladies were close and didn't want to cause gossip. I mentioned her hubby and when was he to get back in cause he had flown to Texas a couple days ago. She was so sweet and soft spoken as she said "It won't be till some time next week and you know the kids are still in school in Oregon with their grandparents for the next two weeks and then they would be going up to get them. I assured her I didn't know that. She ask "Do you have plans for tonite"? I was so nervous but in as calm a voice as I could I told her no but was open for some fun. She winked and said "I'll call you later around 7 if I want and maybe we could go in to Tucson for dinner since we're both alone and these apartments are so small and lonely." My response was " It so nice for you to ask me, I'd enjoy that." With that I swam away and she went back to her lounge chair. All that afternoon I would find any reason I could to go closer within viewing range of her "Y" and her smile.

There I sat in my apartment awaiting my phone to ring and wondering if she was serious or not. Seven came and went and about finally the phone rang and it was Kathy. She apologized but she'd be caught on the phone with her hubby. She knew I was worried and ask "You want to come over for a drink before we leave?' "Sure sounds fine" I tell her. "Now'? "Yes and don't waste time like I did get over here." Her apartment was only around the corner and down 7 doors so it didn't take me long at all and I was there knocking on her door. She answered immediately and stood there as I stared in amazement. She is beautiful in her little top and short skirt. She has no bra on under her silky top and her nipples were very visible and so inviting. As she spun around her skirt flared and I see she had no panties on either. OMG I was in instant heat. She sways to the table hands me a small drink and says "Cheers". It was a small drink and took us no time at all to finish them and be on our way. We were about 30 west of Tucson so it took us a bit to get to town especially since we were driving one of the Airlines Van that had two bucket seats in front and benches in the back. As I was driving along talking Kathy would turn sideways in her seat to look at me and,of course her legs were apart providing me a full and unrestricted view of her sweet lovely vagina. I was so tempted to reach out and caress her but knew if I did we'd never get to eat dinner. I was a good little boy and took her to her favorite place for dinner and then the long trip back home was when the party really started. We had no more than got in the van and she was in my lap kissing me so sweetly and caressing and moving over me. She had me totally erect and knew just how to keep me that way with out loosing it and we were enjoying every second of each other. Finally we got in our respective seats and for all practical purposes she may as well not had a skirt on cause it was around her waist and she was gently caressing herself. She couldn't wait any longer so as soon as I entered the interstate I was fingering her and she was going wild. She was so passionate,horney, and wonderful exciting real joy to be with. She makes everything seem right and good. All the way home we were playing kissing and caressing each other,all 30 miles of it. I knew in the morning I was going to have to clean up all out tracks off the seats. She was like a fountain and just keep flowing and going. When she would take a breather she would reach for my hand and put it on her breast and then come over for me to suck her swollen hot breast and hard nipples as I was driving and that total reignited her and she had to have something back inside of her. This went on al the way till we go to the Airpark and then we did have to straighten up as we went back on the base thru the guard gate and some how restrained ours selves till we got home. We parked in front of my apartment and she was out and waiting at the door in a flash. I opened the door and off came her top and her skirt and she was all over me. I got out of my clothes as fast as possible and went down on her as she screamed and moaned her way thru several climaxes. She had the sweetest tasting and most wonderful pussy I'd ever eaten. Then it was my turn as she pounced upon top of me like a wild cat and began loving me like I'd never experienced before and it took her no time at all to have me exploding as she kept right on loving and licking. I thought that would be it but not so Kathy straightened up and straddled me and began riding me like a wild cowgirl on and bucking bull. She was still so tight and in control of all her muscles and knew just when to take it all and when to play with it in partial and then out and plunging down on it accepting it all with load groans and wiggling. We did this for the longest time. She had me so hot I never did loose my erection which she commented on and that she had never had such a wonderful lover ever before. I reassured her she was exactly the same for me and I doubted I'd ever again in my life have such a wonderful lover as her. As we lie there talking and caressing and playing with each other Kathy said "Would you like to go for a swim?" Of course my response was "What a wonderful Idea." I slipped in to my trunks for the walk to her place and to the pool after she got into her suit. However, they suit bottoms didn't stay on for more that the blink of the eye once we were in the pool. We played and teased for a while and again we couldn't hold out long since we both enjoyed the feel of each other so much. This it the greatest experience I've ever had and will remember the rest of my life. I'm not sure why but penetration was so marvelous for both of us that we both were moaning and groaning in unison it seemed and the long we moved the better it got. After the longest time we both finally agreed to cum together and it was the absolute best orgasm either of us had ever experienced went admitted to each other later. We thought we were dry and done time I placed the head in her vagina again and she accepted me in one gulp and it was as good or better than before. This went on till we were both weak and drug ourselves back to her room and together fell upon the floor in each others arms. We lied there giggling, sucking, licking,tugging and generally molesting each other in every way we could think of as we just couldn't get enough of one another. Some time late into the morning hours as we lie there in each other arms talking and kissing we both fell asleep only to wake in the morning as horney as we ever were at first. Sunday morning love is as wonderful if not more so as Saturday nite. We met several time after that encounter but nothing every matched the mental attitude,internal freedom of spouses or unrestricted available time ever again. All our togetherness times were the most rewarding either of us ever encountered and I know we'll both remember them as long as we live.
Good Night Kathy Where ever you are now.


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I love fucking in the water!

There is a difference between a good BJ and a bad BJ.

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