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7/3/2006 10:16 pm

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bananas 4 time when she was young she had been a witness to a homicide. the images of the man in the green sweatshirt being gunned down in broad daylight by the swat team still threaded their way through her consciousness from time to time. understanding what had happened that day had not been a short or easy process.

she hadnt loved him. she did not understand that word, never had. it had simply been an unfolding of events, as natural as being cautious while driving in the rain. he had stopped in front of the school and offered her a ride. she gladly obliged, knowing full well that he had intended to fuck her. she knew it and liked it, wanted morethan anything for someone to show her what to do, tell her the way of life, let her be herself and have fun, but being close to someone at the same time, something her parents had never even done.

she got into the car when she realized that he was looking at her with longing, nearly falling over her own feet trying to get in; away from this school and the madness, into someones arms that could make her feel ok again. she had always been very intuitive, and she knew that it made her different, made others afraid of her and thus unkind. she was ready for him.

he was looking at her.

'where are we going?' she said.

'where do you want to go?' he said.


'jamaica it is.' he smiled at her, and had to fight back the tears when she smiled back. an angel, sent from god's personal garden. and now she was here, with him, telling him to take her away from this god forsaken place.

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