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11/13/2005 7:39 am

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I had an amazing dream last night,

i was talking to a friend and one of her amle friends. she was teasing him for being scruffy i rember making a comment that a shirt and tie would make him geogeous! and as i said it i let my hand sit where his neck meets his sholder, which at the time was so erotic, such a simple thing, the giy and i left together laughing and flirting. He put his arm around me as we walked along the main road. I could feel strength emanating from him. I felt so safe, so feminine and so aroused. All i could think was i wanted him to have me. in what ever way he wanted.

The talk soon turned to sex and fantasies. I remember he said that he would be able to please me if i would let him. I nodded, too aroused to speak, my heart beating, feeling so powerful with my own daring.
we stopped at a bar and walked in staight in, past the bar into a romm at the back.
there was a man there with bleached blonde hair and brown eyes who seemd to know why we were there.

I was so excited at this point,and felt a srtange heady mixture of safety and danger.
The blonde man hugged me hello. Then ran his hands over my body, firmly feeling my full breasts, waist, hips. The atmosphere was light and sexy. the first man kissed me initially lightly then more deeper, probing my mouth with his tongue. whilst the blonde undid my blouse and teased my already hardening nipples rolling around with his fore finger and thumb. somehow quickly all our clothes disapeared.

I couldn't help but look at the two cocks which were already so erect, waiting for me. I licked my lips. I adore oral sex and the prospect of two men was delicious. I bent down and took one huge hard cock into my mouth, running my tongue along the ridge under the swollen head. feeling the warm, smooth skin in my mouth,groaning as I begin to taste the salty precum. i hear the man moan with pleasure as i take one ball into my mouth and suck on it,then the other.

At this point I became aware of a gentle but insisant finger stroking my clit. Imediateley I felt a thob, a rush of blood to my swollen clit. I began to moan, spreading my legs further to allow more access. The finger moves and begins to stroke my ass, my pussy and my clit in long firm strokes. It feels so good. I want more. All the time lapping greedily at the huge cock in my mouth. Using my hands to help.

The finger beging to push deep into my pussy and back out, one finger tuns into two,then three. I'm writhing now,still not satified.Then I feel it. a huge cock pushing into my now sodden pussy. it begins to fuck me firmly and quickly, deep,long strokes!I begin to move with these wonderful,joyous movements, feeling so open, loving the sensations these two men are giving me.

Suddenly both cocks are withdrawn. I blink in confusion.

Then I am on the floor,the blond man underneath me,i am pulled onto the cock that was in my mouth.Hands on my hips sliding me onto his huge cock. The blonde man moving me up and down,taking charge of the rhythym. As i ride him grinding down onto him further, the other man leans down takes my bouncing breast and begins to suck on it, biting it.Its like a volume control on my arousal, sensations getting more intense, but i am so greedy.Wanting both men in me!

I gesture to him to go behind me, he grins instantly understanding my need. I bend forward pushing my swinging tits into the face of the man I'm fucking, rubbing them into his mouth. letting my ass be available.

He stands behind me lubing his cock up, Then kneels,kissses me on the back of my neck and places the head of his cock at my asshole. He pushes against the opening, I open up and inch by inch he moves inside gasping at how tight i am.

We freeze for a moment marvelling at the intensity of this. and then begin to move together. All moanining. all seeking release............

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11/14/2005 7:22 am

wow hot story.....can i be one of them?

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