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12/18/2005 12:02 pm

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too romantic?

Have you ever noticed when you're talking with someone who is in a relationship and you're single, that they want to identify your "problem", ie., why you're still single. I know their heart is in the right place and they're just trying to help. But, there's no secret or patented technology to meeting people. Kinda like winning the lottery, you have to be in the right place in the right time....and a healthy dose of luck never hurts.

Let's look at some of the advice you get. Meet people in church. This idea revolves around the concept people who go to church are morally "better". I dated a good country church going girl before. Lived within a few miles of her parents, went to church every time the doors opened, etc etc. After a disagreement over some trivial detail, we quit talking for about a month in which time she boinked a guy i couldn't stand, partly because i couldn't stand him. How do I know this? Because after her boinking incident, she decides whatever mundane detail we were upset over wasn't worth it, and she confessed everything, in way too much detail for me.

Some other shining examples of women i've dated: a cocaine addict that hid her addiction very well (or maybe i was too naive to notice), drama princesses, lesbians not in touch with her lesbianism (she's now very happy with her wife, which was her best friend while we dated)and the all time favorite, women studying for thier M*R*S degree.

Someone pointed out maybe I am too romantic. Now some people who think they know me will probably fall out of thier chair reading this. I grew up in a very naive, sheltered home. My parents stayed married, there was no infedility, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc etc. Hell, I was a virgin until i was 19. Granted, since then I've made great strides in moving past my virginism. Women were viewed as dainty little creatures. You never hit a woman, you always opened doors for them, pulled out thier chairs, treated them with respect. 100 years ago that might be the case, but this is the 21rst century and my dating philosophy is grossly out of date.

I have taken a woman flowers not to make up for some indescretion i have done, but just because i was thinking of her. I have stayed overnight with someone who was ill just so they wouldn't be alone. I have cooked dinner that did not involve a microwave or boxed meals for someone i cared about. i think curled up on a couch watching a movie with that special someone is almost as good as sex. Maybe equal to sex, but in a different way is a better way of stating that. Nothing beats being locked in a sweaty embrace with somoene for hours.

Gradually I'm stepping into the 21rst century. I'm realixing that some women want to bed as many men as possible, often in mutliple numbers. Bisexuality is a lifestyle choice most people are comfortable with. Let me put my disclaimer out there, i'm straight, i like being straight, and when guys make passes at me it makes my PTSD act up. So unless you have breasts, long hair, soft skin and no adam's apple, don't make passes at me.

it would be wonderful to find someone i could communicate with, that i could feel warm and fuzzy around, and of course if they could make me feel as hot as a freshly fucked fox in a forest fire wouldn't hurt either. Until then I'll tiptoe into the 21rst century and wade through the bovine fecal material. I'm beginning to wonder if relationships like that only occur in books or movies, or if you're chemically enhanced on SSRI's or whatever the new happy pills are.

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