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It's another lazy saturday afternoon. It's typical in the fact there is a mountain of work I should be doing, but after working all week who wants to spend the weekend on it. Weekends are for fun and frolic, right?

The one thing that amazes me is the number of "genuine" people you meet from here. Real people with real personalities and real lives. Of course you have to sort through the BS and players to find them, but they're out there. Think with the big head and not the little one and you'll do better.

Massages. Is it better to give or receive? It's a philosophical question. No as much as I love turning a willing young lady into jelly, putting them into the elusive "zone", I would probably give my left kidney for someone to get these knots out of my shoulders. I feel Like Atlas from mythology.

A good massages uses both a light touch and a heavy penetrating touch. A lighter touch sets the mood, heavier one gets into the muscles. Personally i don't like oils or lotions used on me. Just ny choice. Dig your thumbs or knuckles into me as deep as you can. Those so-called personal massagers are nothing more than suped up vibraters. Pretty much a waste of money for your neck or shoulders.

With everything, you have to give as good as you get. Unless you're a selfish pig. Even though it's foreplay, keep your mind on what you're doing. This isn't just another step to get what you're after. Take the time to enjoy what you're doing. Talk to them...and not the typical "i want to bone you" stuff. There's a time for that. Small talk. No deep conversations. Communication should never be underused. Women never get tired of hearing compliments. Refrain from comparing them to new snow tires on your truck. Just speak your mind and be genuine. Don't be a blabber, just talk enough to remind them you're there. Ask them about thier day. The whole idea is to make them feel special. Ensure them they are important and special.

Technique. Every women is a snowflake, different in thier own way. Don't ever compare one woman to another. Admire her individuality. So whatever may have worked on one woman might not work on another. Experiment. Don't be afraid to explore her body.

Oils/lotions. Those are great, especially if you have rough hands. Warm them before you put them on her skin. Put a dab on your hands and rub them together. Put the container in a bowl of hot water. The self warming stuff is good. As tempting as it is, don't use flex all or liquid heat. Not a very pleasing scent. Stay away from the heavily scented stuff. No one wants to smell like a french hooker. And don't gob the stuff on. A little goes a long way.

Her body. Sure, take a lot of time on her neck and shoulders. But also pay attention to the other parts. Hands and feet. Take the time to explore her entire body and not just the goody spots. Don't forget body contact. Lean down to gently kiss the back of her neck or whisper in her ear. Let your body touch hers. the more contact the better. Gives a warm fuzzy feeling of being safe and protected.

Lastly, take your time. The 30 second massages are teasers. Pretty much what you're saying is I'm not interested in making you feel special. Guys, suck it up. Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug. Think about it, how many times have you heard horror stories of wives asking for back rubs and getting a few pats and rubs? That's like asking for a bj and getting it spit on and slapped twice. You have to give to get. Never let a chance for you to show/tell how special she is pass by.

Just my rantings for the day. Think I'll go try a heating pad.

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