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9/25/2005 1:36 am

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late night ramblings

Another night of insomnia. How fun! However, late night tv did not fail me tonight. Scent of a Woman came on. That's one of the movies I could stand to watch again. It was either that or some B-movie full of silicone implanted bimbos that probably have problems remembering thier lines.

Al Pacino and Chris O'Donnell are both believable actors. Not saying they're good or bad, but watching them you can believe the story. The idea of the story is stick to your guns. O'Donnell is offered a free ride to Harvard if he rats out his "friends". He doesn't, and everything works out in the end.

What stuck with me tonight is Pacino's character. Here is a man with one thing on his mind. Getting between a woman's legs and wreaking havoc. But he does it with class. No mention of thongs, dildos, shaven or natural, or hook ups. Granted, he does have his coarse moments. Into the story he confesses he wants a woman to wrap her arms....and legs... around him and be there in the morning. He baffles his companion by identifying women by thier perfume or soap. Hence, scent of a woman.

And he dances. Not some dry humping, grope all you can debauchery. A tango. Classy. What's so big about a dance? He dances the tango with a woman that has never tango-ed before. She was giddy someone took an interest in what she wanted. Was he trying to mount her? Probably. But, he knew meaningless sex is just that....meaningless. He tries to seduce women. Flirts incessently. Before you call him a pig, realize what he wants the most. A woman to be there in the morning.

Now how many of us want the same thing?

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