another day with drunks for neighbors  

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9/2/2005 1:11 am

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another day with drunks for neighbors

I'm always surprised to hear a knock on my door. Usuaully it's the mailman or UPS, or maybe some kid wanting to cut my grass. Recently, It's been my junkie neighbors. Today Toothless decided to grace my door way. She wanted to borrow my phone to make sure her check was delivered. Being intoxicated, as usual, I quickly concocted a story about the phone isn't working. That seemed to satisfy her and she stumbled back across the street.

Later on today, I was walking my vicious attack schnauzer. I'm kidding, my dog thinks everyone is his friend. cats, dogs, strangers...anyone is his friend. One of the reasons I don't like Toothless is she called him a poodle. How many grey and silver poddles are there with a goatee? Alcohol rots your brain, I guess. So I was walking the dog when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walking across the yard. It was Toothless's room mate that I haven't had the pleasure (or displeasure) of meetng yet. True to form, she was also intoxicated. Imagine that. She introduced herself and shook my hand, holding on a little too long for my comfort.

The bad thing about having a friendly cute dog is he wants to play with everyone. Drunks included. I had to encourage the dog back inside so the drunk would also stumble across the street. Even though she told me her name, I have forgotten it. her new name is tits, as she is the one that walked outside without her top on. Too bad she has a skillet ass. What is a skillet ass? In the deep south, a skillet ass is better known as a flat ass. Absolutely no curve to it. Shame too, I am definatey a butt man.

Later tonight, the fire department came out to thier house. I wonder how they called 911.

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