Why men like stupid women  

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8/5/2005 7:31 pm

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Why men like stupid women

Maybe "stupid" is a strong word. Frivolous? Silly? Immature? We all know the type. The kind when you talk to them, they cock their head to one side, twirl their hair around a finger and you can almost hear them thinking, "I’m so preeeeety". And guys make total asses of themselves to gain their attention. Why?

First off, guys are notoriously visual. That's why the porn business is so huge. We like looking at pretty things. Women don't roll your eyes; y'all are the same way in some respects. Granted, women don't enjoy porn as much as men and those that do are just awesome in my book.

Back to being visual, we don't notice things like how big your hips look. Big hips are a good thing, it's instinctive. In the animal mind we have, big hips mean good mother to our offspring. No, we all don't want to marry you and have 2.2 kids, but it's well known certain characteristics are noticed in the animal mind rather than the conscious mind.

Breasts fall in the same category. Big, perky breasts will catch any man's eye. It’s not our fault. If we keep staring at them, then yeah, we need to be slapped. Breasts are nothing more than mammary glands. Again, big breasts denote being a good mother to our child.

Now when I say mother, I don't mean raising the child, teaching right from wrong and all that good stuff. More like the biological process of bringing a life into this world and providing for it until it can provide for itself. Hence, the big hips means the child will have a better chance of fitting through the birth canal without shoulder distocia or the turtle sign. Big breasts.....lots of mammary tissue to feed them with.

Now when I say "big", I don't mean disgustingly huge. Well proportioned to your body size. If she has to turn sideways to fit through a door or small children are lost in their shadow, chances are she won't catch the majority of men's attention.

So it's genetics. It doesn't matter if you're the surgeon about to crack open our chests, we still eye you over in our animalistic minds.

Now this silly, immature, frivolous attitude...I haven't figured this part out yet. Maybe its genetics, the big strong burly yet amazingly dim-witted males that would've reigned during Neanderthal times probably aren't up to much of a challenge. Hence, the all start jock dated the perfect cheerleader.

Let's face it, the majority of guys would be happy with a woman they find ....less mentally challenging, especially if nice hips and big boobs are involved. But that is purely physical. How many bank presidents leave their trophy wives for a trailer park tramp simply because she makes him feel different? Or how many trophy wives get curb checked when their looks fade?

Just my typical ramblings. The floor is open for comments.

rm_lonedude 51M
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8/5/2005 8:44 pm

Well,.. I am sure that I am the typical male in the sense that I look, and (at least subtly) drool over a nice face/breast/figure combo as much as the next guy. I am all for the biology component that you write of. Biology is what at least inital attraction is all about for both sexes.

Maybe I am weird (OK,.. so I am in at least some ways ), but I can't imagine spending more time then necessary to complete a sex act with some true dim-wit. Anything more than a quickie for me needs at least some minimum of a mental spark, some shared interests, and at least the pretense of some higher (non-animal) connection.

Not that there is anything inherently wrong with a quickie if both parties are not interested in anything beyond tomorrow,...

(one dude's opinion,... normal disclaimers apply)

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