Sex versus Good Sex  

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11/14/2005 1:36 pm

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Sex versus Good Sex

I'm sitting here waiting on the UPS driver to deliver. The internet makes alot of things easier. For instance, you can track the delivery of your packages and estimated date of arrival. Chances are he'll show up right after i leave for work. So I have a few moments to update the old blog.

I had another boring weekend. Plenty of time to think and reflect. Even got so bored to venture in the chat rooms. Not only on this service, but other rooms too. I'd have to say from that experiance it doesn't take a lot of intelligence to operate a computer and connect to the 'net. there are some real weiners...I mean winners out there.

After reading a few profiles I notice there are a few things so obvious they don't need to be stated. For instance, people who put "i love sex" in thier profiles. How original! Of the few million internet users there is actually someone that loves sex. Silly question, but don't we all love sex? I'm sure there is a few people that aren't that crazy about it, for what reason i cannot imagine, but for the most part everyone loves sex.

Now that I'm getting longer in the tooth and more experienced, I'd have to say not only do i love sex, but i crave good sex. Sex may be like pizza, where you never had bad pizza, but if you do have a bad pizza you damn sure don't call that place again. However, if you get a great pizza, one that is mouth watering and you can take your time enjoying it, you're more than likely going to go back to that source. Even though both sex and pizza is great in the morning, the similarities do not continue much farther than that.

Another popular saying is sex is like the Indy 500, whoever finishes first wins. If that's the case my racing career would be over for a lack of wins. Sex is more than penetration, orgasm and ejaculation. It's everything it takes to get there. If I just wanted to mount someone, pump wildly for 15 minutes or so and launch the boys, i'd find a whore. Even in small town Alabama if you have the cash someone will give you the ass. Either up front or in the installment plan. I never understood prostitution, but I'll save that for another blog.

Now what is refreshing is when you come across a woman that says she enjoys sex. Again, most women do, but few will admit to it. Even fewer admit to enjoying sex with me. That doesn't sound good, but we know who was screaming like a banshee. For the most part women are unpredictable. Even though they like sex, they don't admit to it. And there is a hell of a lot of them that like to see guys get worked up then the women let B.O.B take care of it. For some reason women think if they say they enjoy sex and they're looking for sex, that makes them slutty or society frowns on them. Live by the adage " A lady in public, slut in the bedroom". Unfortunately, some men will point out ladies and say "oh she's a slut, i nailed her in the starfish and she loved it". Dicks don't have a mind of thier own. They will not jump to life and dive in dark holes without someone pushing them in. Besides, guys who brag about being such a stud are usually making up for short comings in other departments.

Now that I'm through ranting, let's all go out and find some good sex.

silkysmoothlegs3 105F

11/14/2005 5:05 pm

hope you find good sex

silky x

rm_BBW2peekwU 43F
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11/16/2009 5:01 am

This is all the more amazing given that it was blogged by a guy!! Bravo!!

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