Sex in Public Places  

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7/24/2005 8:57 pm

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Sex in Public Places

I'm sure everyone has a memory about having sex in public. The thrill of being caught, thrill of strangers watching you. Or sometimes the mood just hits you. The back room of a shop during business hours. A parking lot. An office with the door closed.

In the summer of 1999, I was sent to North Carolina to attend a 17 day military course. Jokingly, I asked someone to attend the graduation. Of course I'm not mentioning names here. The last few days of the course were incredibly tough. I think I got about 3 hours of sleep a night. I never expected her to show up and when graduation came around, all I wanted to do was get on the plane and go to sleep.

She showed up. Drove 8 hours, through the night with 2 of her friends. She even found the graduation hall on the little base I was on. We were isolated, no telephones, internet, cell phones, no communication with the outside. I was very surprised. "oh sh**" were the exact words, that echoed through the hall.

We drove to the airport, checked my seabags, and she said she wanted to go somewhere and talk. It was a small airport, but it did have a lounge, so I suggested that. She said we needed to be alone. So we left her friends at the airport and drove around looking for a secluded spot. We drove down a dirt road across from the airport that led to a church. Yeah, I know, I'm going to hell for that.

She was getting more and more excited as we drove down this road. She was out of her top by time the car stopped. She was very much blessed in that area. And she had pierced her tongue since I saw her last. Lack of sleep, Gorgeous bare chested woman sitting next to me, and a secluded spot....I was in shock. All she said was "touch me" and I had an instant chubby. I touched her face, her cheek to be exact. Then we collided, raw passion, lust, desire.

Skipping all the lurid, tawdy details, I had one of those earth shattering, body numbing, eyes-rolled-back-in-my-head orgasms. We gathered ourselves, drove back to the airport and kissed goodbye.

I know I smelled of sex, and had a huge grin. One of the stewardesses knew, said something like she wasn't the only one that liked a man in uniform.

I never saw the girl again. She earned a special place with me, not for releasing 17 days of frustration, but for everything she did just to be there. I still have pictures of that graduation and I look at them and smile to myself.

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