Rants and raves  

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9/23/2005 3:03 pm

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Rants and raves

These are just a few of the things that make my angina (yes, angina, not vagina) act up.

First off, I'm amazed by the number of obvious porn pictures on here. I understand several beautiful women live in backwoods, alabama, but lets get real. That may happen occasionally, but not as much as it appears on here. Old/out of date pictures....what use does that accomplish? Sure you'll get flattering comments from email-land. If that's all you're looking for is email companionship, then kudos to you. But sending an old picture then meeting the person, with some lame excuse like it's a bad hair day? No sweetheart, you've had years of bad hair days. Men do the same thing. If you have dicky-do's disease, where your belly sticks out farther than your dickie do, don't send a picture from years ago when you had six pack abs. And lastly, people that demand a face pic with your email. That's fine if they have one posted or actually reply with one, but how often does that happen? And if you're that vain that you're more interested in my looks than my wit or personality, don't read anything i send you. Save us both some time.

Prefer not to say...
Now what does that accomplish? An old co-worker used to say "expect the worst and you'll never be disapointed". If someone "prefers not to say" thier body type, marital status or any other pertinent questions, what's that lead us to believe? Just fess up and say you're married or your favorite activity is to eat bon bons and watch soaps. There is room for interpretation on these questions. But get real, if you were athletic in high school, 5-10 years ago, and since then your exercise consists of 12 ounce curls or even getting out of bed in the mornings, you're probably not athletic.

Disguised porn ads.....
Anyone that replies to you saying they can't talk but leave me your email addy or write me here...don't. It's not your lucky day, it's a porn company trying to get your email address.

"can you handle me?"...
What's so different about you than everyone else. I've seen this on a few profiles. I've only met one woman that came close to wearing me out. Laying on your back and letting me work my skinny tail off does not constitute wearing me out. Sex is a team effort. And if it isn't a team effort, it's like the indy 500. We started the same time, i finished first, i win. Personally i think sex is more like eating chinese food. it's not over until we both get our cookies.

And lastly, couples....
Sure, some want to add extra zest in the bedroom. Maybe with another couple, a bi woman or single men. However most couples are looking for bi girls. Hmmm, wonder who's idea that was. Every bisexual woman i've talked with agrees that when 2 women and one man get together, the man finishes first.....way first, and the girls finish each other. because of that, if i ever get with 2 women, i'm going to be like a jackrabbit on meth. Everyone is going to get thier cookies, then politely roll me on my side and let me collapse from exhaustion. Sorry to be biased here, but i've met way too many couples where the man wants two women and the woman just goes along with it to please him.

These are a few of my rants. Thanks for reading, I'll step off my soapbox now.

frogger1995 39F

9/23/2005 4:40 pm

What about the raves?

gladheateher31 44M  
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9/24/2005 11:17 am

Raves? Oh yeah, i could add those. But first, would you mind removing your hands, your breasts are trying to stare at my eyes.

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