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9/5/2005 8:55 pm

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We're all getting older, at the same rate, only some have a head start. Personally, I like older women. It's not the age that attracts me, it's maturity. Youth and immaturity go hand in hand. It's the classic, stereotypical thought. It really surprises me how many "older" women don't realize how sexy they are. Magazines and fashion runways like skinny girls, most of the rest of us like real women. So you have the beginnings of wrinkles around your eyes, your breasts aren't as perky as they once were, maybe even scars from c-sections or other surgeries...all that just means you're real. I think it was Chyna that had a c-section scar but she stilled posed for Playboy.

This takes for granted that you take reasonable care of yourself. Not necessarily an aerobics coach, but not a 2 ton couch potato either.

The flip side of the coin is when people judge you for your age. Because I tend to be attracted to "older" women, many walk away after they find out how old I am. I'm 33 and I've earned every year. Take the time to find out more than someone's birthday before you pass judgement on them. At 33, I have 2 college degrees and on my way to getting a third and I'm a veteran. In this area I may not be at the top of my career field, but I can drink coffee with the top 5.

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