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9/11/2005 9:01 am

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Yup, its another lazy sunday mornin; too much to do to really get started on anything. Sounds crazy? I call it "over-compensatory inhibition". One might justifiably ask: "What the @!%*# is that supposed to mean?"

Well, I teach you--I chou jou.

Seems we all just have too much going in our lives for any one person to actually address, in terms of 'tasks'. One [logical] way to deal with it is to start on one to-do, finish it, then go on to the next. However, often when another (more important or salient) event makes a different task a priority, a compensatory switch to this task must occur. Problem? life zooms by so fast, one never seems to finish any of these, and then a backlog is generated. In time, too many half-ass completed tasks and more in the incoming box. Result? a reflexive, inhibitory de-motivation effect called "fuck it", AKA "over-compensatory inhibition" or OCI.

If left unchecked, OCI can become an insidious syndrome, influencing behavior (or lack thereof) in nearly all facets of life. One particularly disturbing aspect of OCI is that it instills avoidance/escape behaviors. For example, with all the shit I have to do right now, here I am 'wasting' time by doing something that is frivolous and/or unnecessary--not on my list. Hence, OCI can elicit compensatory "fuck-it" behaviors that not only exacerbate the situation, but also generate more of an inhibition. Truly frightening, isn't it?

However, research has shown it not to be life-threatening; one can be assured it will not interfere directly with the true essentials of life (eat, sleep, shit). On the other hand, OCI can and will negatively affect virtually all other areas, including one's sex life.

Now, one would not expect to hear OCI revealed overtly, like hearing someone say "I'm too busy to get laid right now". C'mon. Instead, shit piles up so deep that--and this is the insidious part--one simply no longer seems to be preoccupied with this quasi-essential function. Perhaps it has more to do with aging; I recall many years when sex was first and foremost in a daily-living 'needs' hierarchy(rather have sex than eat, sleep, OR shit). Alternatively, it may also be a function of marriage, and habituation to extended periods of partner-induced abstinence. [In turn, the former may result from a (subconscious) cost-benefit analysis; Is getting that sex worth all the freakin effort?]. Don't know--anybody else have a theory on the etiology of this syndrome???

Anyway, though a "cure" is unlikely,be assured there is treatment available. First,in order to establish control over this 'disease', one must put an emphasis on one [superordinate] particularly annoying or upsetting to-do, want, or primary need...focus...then put all others into a subliminal "secondary" category. This not only establishes a true hierarchy, but also eliminates the OCI effect by whittling all the BS build-up down to only two "to-dos". Kinda tricks one into action by a process of mental framing. Simple, eh? Next, one must mentally prioritize on an ongoing basis, via positive, goal-oriented self-suggestions. (Eg., "I AM going to get laid, and I'm going to do everything possible *right now* to do so!"). Well, folks, this blog is such a step in my treatment process. Anybody else out there wanting to ASSist in my tx just drop a line, or at least reply to this posting... Mayhaps I can assist you too!

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