This is like so, so weeeeeeird., pt 4...When My Daughter Was Born  

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This is like so, so weeeeeeird., pt 4...When My Daughter Was Born

I started out writing the other night about how weird it is to me that almost every guy whose profile I view contacts me in some way without even knowing that I viewed them before hand. I started getting into other things that have happened in my life along similar lines that have stood out in my mind and it was becoming one very long post. These are what I have posted so far...This is like so, so weeeeeeird., This is like so, so weeeeeeird., pt 2...the Teenage Boyfriend, and This is like so, so weeeeeeird., pt 3....the Challenger Space Shuttle. This part was just an example of when things didn't work out that way. I almost didn't post this part, but I thought it was kind of funny so as you can see I decided to post it anyway.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I just KNEW she was a boy. (This was before ultra sound and all that other stuff they have today.) I don't know why I thought that. I had everyone convinced she was a boy. I even made little baby boy pajamas. For some reason I had decided in my mind that she, rather he, was going to come 2 weeks early. No particular reason why. But that didn't happen. As I got closer and closer to my due date, I decided she, rather he still, was going to come 2 weeks late. On the day the baby was due, I went into labor. It was all in my back so I thought it was probably my kidneys that were bothering me. It never even dawned on me that I could be in labor..LOL Thirty-three and a half hours after my labor started, they took her via C-section. When I woke up in the recovery room, I heard someone say baby and then I remembered why I was there. I asked the nurse what I had and she said "A girl". Then I asked
"Are you sure????????"....................

It's all a blur after that..LOL

This thought came to me as I was posting this.......
Since my daughter is a LESBIAN, I guess you could say that I was PARTLY right ..LOL After all, she does like girls!

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