The T Zone - Why size DOES matter to some women  

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7/14/2005 11:37 pm

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The T Zone - Why size DOES matter to some women

The T Zone is a special area of muscle in the wall of the urinary bladder. The T Zone has a gathering of nerves that bring information from your whole genital area on their way back to the spinal cord. These nerves send arousal information back to the part of your nervous system which heightens engorgement and increases early and late sexual arousal.

In women, the T Zone can be indirectly massaged through the anterior wall (towards the belly button) of the vagina; while in men, prostate massage (through the rectal wall) pushes the prostate forward (and up) to massage the T Zone.

The G-spot and the T Zone are not the same structures. As you can see in the diagram, the T Zone is located much deeper than the G-spot (aka the female prostate). While some people massage the g-spot with resulting pleasure, we find in conversations with AWT customers that women describe two distinct areas of intravaginal massage that are exciting to them. One is the G-spot, which fewer women enjoy, while the other is the T Zone, which the majority of women enjoy. The T Zone can be challenging to massage because it’s quite deep inside the body, as deep or deeper than the tip of the cervix.

It does seem as though there are a number of different erogenous spots, and we hope that we are not adding to the confusion. The concept of the T Zone is based on anatomical research findings. We think some of the confusion has come about because the early descriptions of the "G spot" (from the 1500's) placed the spot at what we are calling the T Zone, while descriptions in this century had the "G spot" slip down a bit to paraurethral tissue.

As for the name, there are other descriptions of the same anatomical site: trigone of the urinary bladder or anterior fornix erogenous area, but they seem a mouthful to say. “T Zone” is an accurate and straight forward name.

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After sufficient foreplay, when I would slip a finger into her vagina, I've always (instinctively) enjoyed reaching gently as deep as possible with my middle finger in order to alternately slowly stroke that area (T-zone) and to slowly circle the cervix. Now I now there was a reason for it!

Thanks for this and the info about the AWT website.

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