Survey For The Guys - - Would you rather...................?  

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Survey For The Guys - - Would you rather...................?

I thought this to be an interesting read. Although this survey was addressed to married men, I don't think that it would have really mattered if they were married or not.

Sex & Marriage
Inside His Head


Husbands Answer Your Top-Secret Marriage Questions

Would he rather... Score with Madonna or Britney? Be on top or bottom? Cheat or be cheated on? We persuaded your husbands to play our racy game of "Would you rather..." Brace yourself for the eye-popping results.

1. Would you rather watch the Super Bowl or go lingerie shopping with your wife??

Watch Super Bowl: 57%
Go lingerie shopping: 43%

"Either way, there is a lot of waiting for three minutes of excitement. But at least with the Super Bowl, you can also get funny commercials with monkeys."
--Gene, New York, married three years

2. Wash or fold??

Wash: 73%
Fold: 27%

"Folding requires skill, while washing is all about following directions: I can follow directions."
--Jose, New York, married one year

3. Have sex last thing at night or first thing in the morning??

Last thing at night: 57%
First thing in a.m.: 43%

"At night is when my wife stops thinking about the kids and the house -- and starts thinking of only me."
--Ed, Pennsylvania, married 12 years

4. Have your wife's parents or your parents move in with you??

My wife's parents: 52%
My parents: 48%

"Really, neither. But her parents would do more to help around the house."
--Tim, Ohio, married seven years

5. Give up sex or control of the TV remote for a year??

Give up the remote: 88%
Give up sex: 12%

--Jonathan, California, married one year

6. Be a stay-at-home dad or work 70 hours a week??

Be an at-home dad: 64%
Work 70-hour weeks: 36%

"I like my son a lot more than the idiots I work with."
--William, Pennsylvania, married five years

7. Have a night out with the guys at a steak joint or a romantic date with your wife at a fancy restaurant??

Romantic date: 75%
Night out with guys: 25%

"My friends won't have sex with me afterward."
--Nick, New Jersey, married 10 years

8. Have a bigger TV or a better computer??

Bigger TV: 52%
Better computer: 48%

"War movies look better on a big-screen TV."
--Dave, New York, married seven years

9. Watch a sexy movie with your wife or by yourself??

With my wife: 84%
By myself: 16%

"That way, she's right there for the hanky-panky after the movie."
--Benjamin, Texas, married one year

10. Make out with Madonna or Britney??

Britney: 69%
Madonna: 31%

"I bet Britney's naughtier."
--Brian, New Jersey, married three years

11. Have your IQ be 20 points higher or have a larger penis??

Have higher IQ: 66%
Have a larger penis: 34%

"My wife swears that it would hurt if it were bigger, and I believe her."
--Dan, Virginia, married 22 years

12. Be on Survivor or Fear Factor??

Survivor: 72%
Fear Factor: 28%

"There's less of a chance of eating really disgusting things on Survivor."
--Craig, Washington, married two years

13. Be on top or bottom during sex??

Bottom: 63%
Top: 37%

"Really, it doesn't matter -- I just want to be in the room."
--Tony, Missouri, married four years

14. Have oral sex or intercourse??

Intercourse: 67%
Oral sex: 33%

"Oral sex is whipped cream, but intercourse is the whole banana split."
--Rick, California, married one year

15. Cheat on your wife or have her cheat on you??

Cheat on her: 61%
Be cheated on: 39%

"I couldn't stand the thought of knowing I wasn't enough for her."
--Jim, Georgia, married 11 years

16. Relive your wedding or your honeymoon??

Honeymoon: 75%
Wedding: 25%

"A stressful party or a relaxing vacation? No explanation necessary."
--John, New York, married 12 years

17. Have a colonoscopy or get audited??

Get audited: 56%
Have a colonoscopy: 44%

"My colon has a sign reading 'Exit Only.'"
--Sean, Texas, married two years

18. Give up burgers or beer??

Beer: 53%
Burgers: 47%

"I can still drink wine and Scotch, right?"
--Gavin, Kansas, married two years

19. Be Batman or Superman??

Superman: 65%
Batman: 35%

"X-ray vision -- need I say more?"
--Jason, Oklahoma, married one year

20. Have boring sex every night or mind-blowing sex once a week??

Mind-blowing sex once a week: 91%
Boring sex every night: 9%

"If it's really mind-blowing sex, it should last me all week."
--Christopher, Washington, married one year

21. Never go bald or never need Viagra??

Never need Viagra: 74%
Never go bald: 26%

"You can still have sex when you're bald."
--Jimmy, New Hampshire, married 12 years

DallasPhallus56 60M

8/25/2005 10:06 am

What fun. Interesting, some of the responses. I love, as the one man said, just being in the room when I'm having sex, but being on top is definitely better. Odd that so many men would prefer to be on the bottom. I totally agree with the comment on oral sex versus intercourse. I once went four years without oral sex, and although that wasn't great, we did have intercourse a couple of times a week.
Early morning sex is the best. I'm not a night owl, and by midnight I'm not at the top of my form.

rm_willie8one2 70M
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8/25/2005 3:17 pm

1. Go lingerie shopping as I am not into that kind of sports, prefer sailing or bedroom.
2. Wash as its easer to dump clothes in the machine and let it work.
3. First thing in the morning as I am tired after working all day and I usually do not go to bed until midnight.
4. My parents, My mother lived with us for 2 years after she had to have a pacemaker and hip replacement.
5. Give up the remote but maybe I should get it back as there is no sex here from her for the last 2 years.
6. The 70 hour week was normal before I took and early retirement. The hours helped me be able to retire early from middle management from the fortune 500 company were I worked.
7. Anymore a night out with the guys.
8. Bigger TV as I am a movie nut and both my sons just put home theaters in their homes. Dad needs to keep up.
9. By myself as my wife will not watch anything but G and PG.
10. No brainier, Britney of these two but would prefer Sandra Bullock.
11. Higher IQ as I never had anyone complain about my penis size.
12. Survivor.
13. Bottom, I love a small woman on top of me. many of the larger ones would crush me and my hips so bad it hurt and you know what happens to a hardon when you are in pain.
14. Intercourse but oral is a good way to get warmed up.
15. Want neither but here I am as there is no sex at home and I don't want to ware my hand out.
16. Honeymoon to my now dead wife.
17. Have had both and neither is any fun. Go for Colonoscopy.
18. Beer as I don't drink it.
19. Superman as Lois is better looking than Robin.
20. Any sex but mind blowing once a week would be nice.
21. Never need Viagra as I am already going bald.

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