Rock Star: INXS_Week 7 elimination round  

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Rock Star: INXS_Week 7 elimination round

Tonight on Rock Star INXS, it was the elimination round for this week.

Rocker Jordis Unga had a pretty bad performance last night with her song "Dream On" by Aerosmith. She was so nervous about hitting this one high note that it really showed throughout her entire performance. Yet she did not make the bottom three. It's very interesting how the voting thing works.

Suzie McNeal was at no time in the bottom three last night! I'm sure that made her feel so good since she seems to be there a lot and for no good reason. She made a little hat that said "queen of the bottom three" just in case she was once again in the bottom three...LOL But hooray! she wasn't. Everyone else was in the bottom three at some point during the night of voting.

In the end, the final bottom three were Deanna Johnston, Marty Casey, and Ty Taylor. Much to my dismay, Deanna was the rocker that was sent home. For the first time a rocker showed how disappointed they were to be going home. Deanna started to cry and so did everyone else.

Last night Deanna got to perform a song she wrote and composed with the help of rocker Ty Taylor in less than a 12 hour window called "My Truth". It is a really good song and her performance was absolutely awesome. There is a funny little story behind the song she wrote. When she was 22 she had a boyfriend that dumped her for another girl that was a singer. So Deanna decided to learn to sing in an effort to win him back. I don't think she won him back, but she sure did learn how to sing. The band asked if she had anything to say to that old boyfriend and she said "Yeah, thanks for being an ass"...LOL I'm really going to miss Deanna. I have no doubt she is going to do well with her singing career even if it's not as the lead singer of the band INXS.

Tonight's picture is of Deanna Johnston performing her own song "My Truth" last night. Deanna currently lives in Reseda, CA, USA, but is originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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