Rock Star: INXS  

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8/24/2005 2:39 pm

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Rock Star: INXS

OMG! This has got to be the best reality TV show I have ever seen!

I haven't really cared much for the whole "reality TV" thing. OK, I did get hooked on "Big Brother" for a couple of seasons and I watched "American Idol" when it came down to Clay Aiken or Ruben Studdard, but that's it. I don't really watch much TV so it's a miracle that I started watching "Rock Star INXS" from the first show.

The premise of the show is to find a new lead singer for the band INXS. It started with 15 people (referred to as the Rockers), male and female, vying for the job. There are three shows each week.

The first show of the week gives an overview of the events that took place during the past week: song selection, clinics, rehearsals, and the daily interaction between the rockers. These people have really bonded and are quite supportive of one another. It's really great to watch. Originally on CBS Monday nights, much to my dismay, this particular show was moved to VH1 on Sunday nights. I don't get VH1, so now I miss out on that particular show. However, I am able to keep on top of the happenings via the website ( know the rest).

The second show of the week (Tuesday nights on CBS) is killer! This is the night the rockers perform. This is not just about singing ability; it is also about creativity, stage performance, and how good of a fit the rocker is for the INXS band. These people are not amateurs by any means. Each rocker performs their song and then is critiqued by the INXS band members along with Dave Navarro (a real hottie I might add). It's great to see some honest feedback that isn't tainted by ego and rudeness for a change. After the show, viewers can then go online to vote for the rocker of their choice.

The third show of the week (Wednesday nights on CBS) is the elimination competition. The three rockers with the least amount of votes from the night before are required to sing an INXS song in an attempt to save themselves from being eliminated. The INXS band then decides which one of the three will go home. It is not always as cut and dry as one may think. In addition to the elimination round, the INXS band asks for an encore from the rockers they feel really shined the night before. The chosen rocker is then rewarded with a visit from someone important in their life. This is especially rewarding because the rockers are all housed in a Hollywood mansion with little to no contact with the outside world.

At this point there are seven remaining rockers, one of which, unfortunately, will be eliminated tonight. Each week the show gets more exciting because these rockers are the best of the best. If you're a fan of rock music like I am, this show is definitely a must see. I have a friend who watches the shows as well. We get online and chat afterwards. It's really a lot of fun.

Of the remaining rockers, my pick is either Mig or Susie. I think they would both serve the band very well. But in the end, I feel that Mig is the best rocker for the job of lead singer in INXS.

Tonight I have chosen to attach a picture of the rocker I believe will win this competition...Mig Ayesa. Mig currently lives in London, England but is originally from Sydney, Australia.

I encourage everyone to watch the show and check the website for additional information. You won't regret it I promise.

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