Female Erogenous Zones - Her Neck  

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Female Erogenous Zones - Her Neck

Her Neck

Her neck must be one of the hottest spots on the female body. We at the website sexinfo101 have never found a method more effective than hot passionate kisses on the neck to turn a good night kiss into an invitation for brunch. There are several things to keep in mind here … but most importantly, control yourself! Hickies may have been the big thing when you were younger, but most women hate them, especially when they have to wear turtlenecks for a week! If you must suck for blood, keep the hickies to places that are usually covered by clothes. Try to have a moist mouth, but don't slobber! Cover different areas of her neck with tender kisses, using the areas under/behind the ears for extra stimulation. Light nibbling and tugging usually work really well also. Start out soft and gentle as she gets into it, slowly go harder and wilder to light that fire of passion within her.

Watch for Part 2 - Her Ears

From an article shown on the website of SexInfo101

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