Female Erogenous Zones - Her Clitoris  

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Female Erogenous Zones - Her Clitoris

Her Clitoris

It is located at the top juncture of her inner vaginal lips, a small knob of pink flesh. Women like different amounts of direct stimulation on their clitoris. Some women will adore it if you suck hard on their exposed clitoris, others would shriek in pain. You may encounter a woman who is completely unable to take direct stimulation of her clit; the goal is still the same, but you'll have to stimulate it indirectly, such as through her labia. Often, what is unacceptably rough at first may be fine after she's very excited (i.e., very wet). The fact is, most women need a good bit of arousal before having their clitoris targeted, but once they have reached that point, that's where many women want you to devote your attention.

Watch for Part 8 - Her Perineum

From an article shown on the website of SexInfo101

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