Another Very Interesting Picture  

girltech47 59F
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8/28/2005 11:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another Very Interesting Picture

This picture is for PB133 who has never seen it before. many of you guys can do this?!!!

Gives new meaning to the phrase "go fuck yourself" don't you think?...LOL

PB133 69M

8/29/2005 7:57 pm

Thanks, Girltech! What a nice blog, by the way!

I can't do that....I have to to put pepper on it, and grab it when it sneezes - that's how small it is. (old joke!)

pierd 51M
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8/29/2005 10:35 pm

Whether or not one can do it is one thing. But why would one want to do it in the first place (other than to prove a point)?...

I'd still argue that 'to fuck oneself' is anatomically impossible - he couldn't do it with a hard on, could he?

more on my blog,

DallasPhallus56 60M

8/30/2005 6:04 am

I can't see the picture, but I get the idea. Somehow I don't think it would be much fun. It also brings to mind a related limerick:

There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose prick was so long he could suck it
And he said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin
If my ear were a cunt I could fuck it.

rm_willie8one2 70M
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8/30/2005 6:58 pm

Even if I could do it I am exit only and besides I can think of places I would rather put mine. Besides all that it is an interesting photo showing what some people will/can do to amuse themselves. You sure come up with some good ones.

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