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8/15/2006 7:22 am

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My Tasks

This happened around 4 months back I guess

Ok. I hope you all know that we all me and my roomate go to a bar nearby every weekend. So this was a special one. I had a task to search more then one guy to do the task. Besides that i was nervous. I mean that's obvious. Cuz it was my first time. But i was determined. So we went ahead. I decided not to lie and before starting nething with a men i wanted to tell him everything about me nd my task. We waited for an hour to get a break. There was a group of 3 men. All Aged for around 25. I was wearing one of my really small black skirt and white shirt. I decided to get help from one of them.But b4 that i asked my frns to leave. And this was my mistake. When i went to them and told them my task after some formal talks, they were suprised. One of them told me that he has seen me on yahoo 360 but never paid attention.
To continue in next post.

Ok. So one of them was from yahoo. He said he was ready to but he had a condition. He said for more then one, i shud take 3 instead of 2 men. I was afraid of two but now there were now three. I said no to 3 but they said please. And assured that they will be gentle. While they were talking this with me they were watching me. From top to bottom. One of them was at my back and i was able to sense what he watching.
This made me excited and don't know how i said yes. They took me to a room near by. It had a small bed. But we decided to use the floor.

I was actually laughing. And smiling. But suddenly i felt a hand on my butt. He lifted me up. Up on his hands and above his head. All of them were now watching me from bottom naked i was. They were laughing and touching me and my cherry and were pulling my pubes. I was wet. They then started touching me kissing me and pinching licking me. I lost the count as to who was doing what. Omg i think this was the dirtiest feeling i ever had. They filled me from every where. Though i was unable to take them they still all three came into my cherry. It was paining like nething. It still hurting. I'll write things in more detail with pics taken by those boys if you want and if i get enough comments.

so u liked what I did. Well I did enjoyed that but then it pained a hell lot. hae u eer participated in sucha thing? I dont know about men but women suffers a lot in this kinda sex. but enjoyment is thrice what u get in one men. But I was consumed I mean I spent all my powers when the second man did that to me. When it was the turn of third men, I had no power left in me and I was just lyinh over there as a barbie doll to whom u can do whatever u want. I got a call from that guy today and he was sorry for that but he said that he was unable to controll himself. I said its okay dear. And I also said a Sorry to him for not being able to stay a bit more longer.

BixinDearsHumin 36M

9/6/2006 11:01 am

you are a horny little thing, aren't you...

girlslave_200 29F

9/6/2006 12:39 pm

yes I am.

rm_Dawggie4 51M
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9/16/2006 5:58 pm

when you gonna post some nudes of that hot ass little body

girlslave_200 29F

9/20/2006 1:51 pm

yes I will . send me a emssage

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