I love to  

girlslave_200 29F
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9/4/2006 10:22 am

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10/6/2006 12:53 pm

I love to

I love to exhibit my body.

I am a photographer.

I live with ten roomates in a big flat.
they are all girls

they all love taking pics of their body and shjowing.

so waht we thought is to start a place where we can present our pics.

its a place where people ask me to do certain kind of pics and I do that for them...for FREE.
We love photography and Sex.

Most of the requests are from my horny masters... they often want to see my pussy and ass and I hate to say no to them.

I like to be forced controlled ordered humiliated exhibitioned and all the dirty knky things

I am SLUT.

rm_kk291000 48M
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9/5/2006 10:27 am

come on slut show me that pussy and get me soooo fucking hard!

BixinDearsHumin 36M

9/6/2006 10:58 am

i would like to see your nice pink pussy.

girlslave_200 29F

9/6/2006 12:40 pm

ah where can i show them?

probably once my group is created then i can.

rm_bedsmanc 47M

9/6/2006 1:18 pm

dress up in a scoolgirl uniform,with white knickers,and pig tails

rm_davizion 41M
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10/2/2006 5:33 pm

I need a massive database for a project called SimOne you girls will be the stars. It is code written to serve people u should enjoy. However, you girls are the material. I need 1st lots of sexy webcam footage, hours and hours of it. Preferrably in a database and in a multitude of scenario's and locations. This requires dedication to the webcam viewee who can be real or imagined this will then be broadcast via servers accross the internet as I would like people to believe that they have found a way into viewing your webcam on msger through craftyly luring them on the internet to instant message the slave girls. Then all their desires will be served. Your lust for the satisfaction of men will be met, you will be free to develop this material at will and produce as much interesting material as you girls can come up with. I would also like a script of what scenario and what key word or emotion the keyword, phrase or fragment of word even subject will develop, and will be triggered from. (eg the word: please strip = strip scenario)
As a screenplay imagine all the time your webcam is on people can view you. If you complete the 1st task, I will get either a wireless webcam or the best worker a 2gb memory stick. Or if it is done badly I will just give you a whacking with my smacking stick.

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