My first ever Lesbian Sex  

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8/29/2005 4:30 am

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My first ever Lesbian Sex

She answered my knock. Her blond hair was tousled from the wind, and her voluptuous body measured close to six feet in height. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I was overwhelmed. Before I could say anything, I was swept into a long, strong hug, and could have sworn she was holding me up as I felt no strength in my legs. I don't remember what we said, I was too excited to take mental notes.
That night we went out to the beach for a talk. We walked through the dark dunes, carrying our vodka tonics. I was stirred by being near her, the dark shape of her head enticingly close to mine. This was a woman I already loved, a special person and wonderful friend. We had both confessed attractions to women and once, we even spoke aloud the furtive notion that we might be attracted to each other. Armed with that knowledge of her thoughts, my body began to think for itself, and it was screaming out to my brain, "Kiss her, kiss her, kiss her!" But I could not act, due to my uncertainty of her feelings for me, my fear of opening Pandora's box and actually kissing a woman, and lastly, due to our timidity around each other that first day.
The next morning and afternoon, we were much more comfortable, perhaps because of our getting drunk on the beach together the night before.
We spent a relaxed day together, enjoying the lack of activity.
That night she and I decided to venture forth and get a drink at Johnny O's. We were the life of that place on that night, laughing and sharing intimate stories. The bond was complete, and I thought she was one of the most amazing people I had ever met. She looked gorgeous, her eyes and mouth leaped out from her face and screamed "Look at me!" And I did. A lot. However, at this point my intentions were still to spend time with my best friend, and knew I could not jeopardize this with a clumsy advance.
We drove home. She wanted to walk on the beach, but as we decided to do that, a storm blew in. Lightening and thunder filled the sky -- we were enthralled. We took up positions on the floorboards of the screened-in back porch to watch the show. The entire house was quiet; it was late in the night. We were witnessing a magical event.
We attempted to recreate the air of camaraderie from the bar, but I found the entire scene far too stirring to concentrate. She and I were lying on the floor close to each other in the dark. Her disembodied voice floated to me, reminding me of so many conversations past and of how much I loved that voice. Her voice relaxed me, told me to trust her.
She chose this moment to ask me what she termed a "potentially embarrassing" question. Her soft, rich voice floated to my ears, "how do you feel about us right now?" I knew immediately the reference she was making: to that one time we had spoken about our potential attraction for each other.
After a thoughtful pause, my response was, "Very aroused." At those words, she said she wished we could hold each other that night, and wanted to feel that we were able to do that. The thought drove me wild, but I said rather shakily, "I think we can do that."
She said next, "I want to touch you." She moved her body, ever so slightly, a few inches towards me. Her hand touched my hair at the hairline and stroked backwards. It felt like velvet on my skin and her breath drifted warmly over my face. Her knee touched my left thigh. I felt electric currents running up my spine from that knee, and the hand was making me lose my breath. When her lips touched my forehead, I began to throb hard between my legs. I let out a shaky breath, and felt my body tremble. She felt it too, and said, "Are you okay? I don't want to do anything that would upset you. We can stop if you want."
I'm okay, I'm just very excited by you," I replied. "I don't want to stop. I've thought of this happening for a long time." I groaned softly, and moved in close to her, turning sideways to face her, my right arm curving around her back. This made me tremble even more. I felt so elated that this was happening, so fearful too that it would not live up to the fantasies about us I had been having, but mostly I felt weak from wanting her.
Her kisses fell all over my face, and her free hand began to roam my body. I was stroking her back and receiving her caresses with a kind of frozen ecstasy. When her hands reached my breasts, my intake of breath must have been as loud as the thunder outside. At this point, I moved my face to hers and our lips touched. So gently, so sweetly, we explored each other's mouths.
My hands were on her breasts, so soft and large. She pulled her blouse up and I buried my face between those beautiful breasts. Her hand was reaching between my legs, touching me, between a layer or two of my clothing. I could hear her intake of breath when she discovered how much I wanted her, and she said, "I want to taste you."
My God, I had never heard anyone say those words to me before. Of all the men I had been with, none had expressed such a desire. I laid on top of her warm soft body. I held her face cherishingly and kissed her deeply, while her hands caressed me all over.
Then, the most erotic thing happened. Sweet words began emerging from her lips, whispering to me how beautiful my body was, how gorgeous my breasts were, and how my skin was so soft. This verbalness was so unlike anything I had ever experienced, and it had been something I had dreamed about. How had she known? She talked to me this way until she finally made her way between my legs for her first taste. I was paralyzed by the sheer sweet pleasure of her mouth. It was not long before I slipped into a deep throbbing orgasm the likes of which I had never felt before.
She held me, and I shifted so that we were lying side by side. Soon she was sleeping quietly in my arms. Unfortunately, I could not sleep because I felt that an earth shattering event had just happened in my life. Something that felt so natural and so right had just changed the way I viewed my sexual identity. I would never be the same.

rm_gloryx3 47F
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8/29/2005 4:51 am

very nice, very nice

drnick20054 28M

8/29/2005 7:24 am

dam y do u have to be lesbains. very hot

rm_foxxxxy22 38M/36F
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9/1/2005 5:18 pm

I haven't even experienced anything like that before but just by reading that story I think it changes the way I view my sexual identity. I was very turned on by that story and not to mention that I never knew that women could be so verbal. Of the men that I have been with maybe 1 has ever been that verbal. I think I need to have my first girl/girl experience.

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