Still learning the ins and outs of blog land to experiment with it  

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2/4/2006 12:58 pm

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Still learning the ins and outs of blog land to experiment with it

That is a lot to read up at the start and not much to look at. What do you women like to find in a blog? Fantasy stories? Pictures hot and hard, throbbing and cumming? Something real for local women in town here and in the area?

I like the last idea. I used to be in a singles club that was fun and they had a lot of great ideas for the weekend. It was a way to recover from the divorce thing. As clubs go it kept weekends interesting but when the evening ended be it movies, parties, recreational things I always found myself returning to the bars looking for a lusty conclusion. The singles club was a singles club.

Up top it says local women rather than women and men, I am writing to women and it is up to those curious and interested in what I have in mind to write to men they know.

This club rented the Lions Club Den on occassion and partied the night away long after the bars and River Street had closed. People pot lucked the supper and alcohol was on a BYOB basis. A sound system was brought in as there is plenty of dancing room. Full kitchen service is there, nice lounge room set up around a T.V., pool table, shuffle board and stuff there too. Place cost about 100 for the evening and all night so 20 of us spent 5 each and had more damn fun doing what we wanted than the Brunny or Nickels could ever provide.

Best part is private is private. If a bunch of consenting adults want to party in the buff with each other that is their business. Hmmmmmm. If they want to kick back with a drink in one hand and cigarette in the other that is their business too.

Sex is one of the best spices in life. It is nice to get out of Saskatchewan and go watch strippers in the bars pretty much anywhere else. But a private party is a private party and what a group of fun loving HotMatches want for their entertainment is their business.

One can masterbate, Two can fuck, Three can get hot at both ends at the same time, Four can do all that plus swapping, but a Group can blow everybodies minds and fulfill every acceptable fantasy from watching strippers to being gang banged.

I always wanted to do a sexpack. That is six women at one time in one room on one bed. First start by licking the first one and when she has enjoyed that enough climb on top of her and feel her wet pussy around my cock. Fucking this one while licking the next woman in front of the other four waiting in a row. Doing this would be simple - don't cum until I am screwing the last woman I licked. A sexpack.

At any rate this is one of my fantasies and I do hope to meet volunteers. If any of you women have ever wanted to be on hands and knees with a guy in front and another behind and four more waiting, you have found your volunteer and need only five more.

What a group can do. This is a good way to put together a group discreetly. All you have to do is sign in and wink for more private replies.

I will keep checking these posts and edit that long blog start to see your comments, handles and winks.

Hey who would like to be an audience for a gorgeous blonde in stocks and pillars? I am sure someone would like to be bound like that while her panties are pulled down and a cock fucks her pussy from behind. Make it really good and have another guy lick her clit from the front and two more sucking her nipples. Oh to be helpless but safe and satisfied.

Hmmm still waiting to hear from a cutie that will use this digital camera.

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