Wishful Stress Relief  

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4/7/2006 2:46 pm

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Wishful Stress Relief

Laying on the couch in the darkness, I close my eyes and hope to recover from the long and exhausting week. The phone rings and it's my friend Sam. He's in town and wants to stop by and say hey. I try to beg off as I am in no mood for company, but his eagerness soon becomes contagious and I give in.

Sam is sexy - tall, dark hair, gorgeous blue eyes. His voice makes me melt every time I talk to him, but we've never hooked up. He thinks I'm too complicated and I think he's too needy. But we've remained friends.

When he arrives, I barely pull myself from the couch to answer the door. I warn him I'm not really in the greatest of moods, but he doesn't care.

We sit on the couch and talk about our day. When he hears about my horrible week, he scoots a little closer and draws me towards him. His hugs always make me feel better.

This time, something is different as he doesn't stop with the hug. Sam slowly begins to massage my lower back with one hand while gently caressing the back of my neck with the other. Mmmmm.... that feels so good, I tell him. Almost makes the week disappear. He whispers softly, don't worry, I'm not stopping anytime soon. He gives me soft kisses on my forehead, my cheeks, down to my neck as he slowly pulls my shirt from my skirt. I pull back to stop him, but he tells me not to worry and pushes me down onto the couch as his hands make their way up my blouse.

His skin feels electric against mine and I moan as his hands find my breasts. His touch is so soft, I almost think I'm dreaming. Then his lips follow the trail of his hands and I realize this is really happening. He pulls down my bra to fondle my bare skin. His hands feel hot against my chest and his breath even hotter. I'm enjoying those tingling sensations all through my body as his fingers pinch my nipples and he continues to kiss my stomach and moves up to take one nipple in his mouth. His teeth graze against my nipple, he sucks just enough, then switches to the other breast. Just as I'm beginning to accept the fact that Sam wants to fuck me, he stops.

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