women control the world  

giovanni6086 31M
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5/15/2006 2:54 am
women control the world

have you ever noticed that women seem to have control over everything...? i was talkin to friend of mine today and he was sayin that if he didnt get his wife this $750 bracelet he'd be in the doghouse instead of on the sofa... i guess they had a fight the week before, none of my bus. i came to the conclusion at that very moment that women control today's sosity. i know that im in a better mood when i have had sex i know i work better when i have had sex i even sleep better when i have had sex... i beginning to see a pattern. the funny thing is a guy wants sex about 3 times as much as the average woman. so we guys do what we have to in order to suck up. why do think god didn't make himself a wife... he knew he wouldn't have control anymore. in my personal oppion the devil is a female... why??? cause god was banggin her she came up with a know plan and he said no. take Clinton, ex-pres, the only reason Monica got some was do to lack of it at home... im not sayin it's right but it's true. why do think he wasn't gettin any cause he probly did put in a bill to congress that Hilary wanted him to. ever notice how car ads have hot women in them some where... it's not just so maybe even women will buy the car it's sayin, "Hey guys you buy me it WILL get you laid." in every day activties you'll see it. guy goes out shoppin for anythin and if he's got the cash he'll at least think about whether or not to he's wife/ girlfriend somethin... im not sayin to make it in easier or not but cause this way he's got a back up if there's a fight or if he forgot somethin.

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