a joke  

gingertom2259 58M
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5/26/2006 3:29 pm
a joke

a bus load of nunns go over a cliff and they all die, so they go up to heaven and st.peter is waiting at the pearly gates for them, and he says i must ask you this question before i can let you in. so he says have any of you ever touched a mans penis, the first nunn says i have with my finger so st,peter says you must wash it in the holy water before you can come in , the second nunn says i have by accident with my hand you must wash it in the holy water st,peter says and then there is such a comotion and st,peter turns round to see this nunn pushing her way to the front and st,peter says steady whats the rush and the nunn says if you think for one minite i am going to gargle that water when sister ann as had her arse in it you have another thing comeing.

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