one of my fantasies  

Mustangryder84 32M  
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6/11/2006 9:20 am
one of my fantasies

it starts out as a meeting between me and a strange woman, whom i've never met before. I'm supposed to meet her at a descreet location, probably a hotel, or something similiar. I pull up and go to the room, give it a few knocks, before the door opens enough for me to get yanked in and tossed onto the bed, before i have time to react I look up to find her straddinling my stomach at the time with an evergrowing grin on her face, she begins to ask a series of simple questions..mostly yes and no's, and with each answer she scoot foward, gradually until her pussy is practically resting on m chin. "You know what to do.." she says in seductive manner. Not one to rock the boat I reach foward and begin to lick her, all up and down her lips, in a slow tracing manner, the sounds she makes serving as a general approval. I lick my way back up to her clit which i would begin to suck on lightly in the process, as I'm doing this she begins to moan louder and breath deeper. Eventually I feel her hand slip into my pants where she would begin to stroke my cock rather possesively. It's not long after that that she slowly begins to turn and make short work of my pants and boxers, nd soon afer that I feel her soft lips wrap around my head for a moment. I paused for a breath and to enjoy it, when I felt myself fully enter the moist, warm cavern of her mouth as she began to suck on me, firmly and rapidly. I groan out deeply and resume my task of keeping her happ (fair's fair afterall) Though I find it quite difficult to concentrate on the task with my body being made to feel so good. This would continue on for awhile before I would explode in her mouth...not feeling any run down my shaft, i could only guess that she had swallowed it all, Slowly she'd raise up and turn around with a smirk on her face and say "Now that we've gotten the warm up out of the way, now the real festivities begin~".....(what happens next, well hopefully someday someone will fill that in-or rather i'll do the filling)

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