looking for hopeless romantics  

gigglepuss4u269 49F
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7/15/2006 10:37 pm
looking for hopeless romantics

what is your take on hopeless romantics, do you think they are really out there or is it all about sex these days?

Panthiest 72M

7/15/2006 11:32 pm

I consider myself a Romantic in just about all ways. But what does being a "Romantic" mean? Well, like most things we all have our own ideas. Here's a bit of mine.

I used to think being romantic was all hearts and flowers. "I love you!" and kisses in public. Always thinking romantic thoughts about ... well, everything. Then I learned about the Romantic movment in the late 1700's. The poets, Cooleridge (Kubla Kahn for which I named my blog) Wordsworth, Keats, and others. THey had a belief in Nature as devine, the Imagination as the connection to God(s) the human life as a miracle to be enjoyed. They were not in sync with Christianity. Many called themselves Panthiests. It was, to me, a triumph of the human spirit. However, the Romatic movement was all but extinguished with the industrial age that religated God to its purpose of enslaving people to create profit for the few. Dickens wrote of that time when children were worked to death and people were hearded into the most miserable living conditions.

But we Romantics have emerged and will always emerge because you can't kill the "heart" without killing the "life." We see it in the well kept secret rise of modern paganism and in sites like this one where people, for the most part, declare to live their lives fully and welcome, try to understand and love each other in their own ways.

But "hopeless" - no way! Romantics have so much hope and joy! And sex can be as much or as little a part of your Romance as you want. I'd say sex for sex's sake is not romance. But giving yourself comepletley, beyond what you knew, into the sacred realm of the imagination - is Romance at a very high level. My only caution is to be sure that your partner is capable and wanting to take the journey with you and not using you for his or her own lowly purpose.
Here's a poem I wrote on the spur of the moment that might give you an idea of how important "se" or better, "Creating love" an be to a Romantic.

To my Goddess from your God

I seek the true Goddess
and we shall fly to our sun without burning our wings
for the sharing, the give and take,
the push/pull of our relationship.
Like the tide comng in on a storm washing everything before it
and ebbing leaving us stripped bare
like two electrons colliding, causing a burst of energy
like night and day making love as dusk and dawn
I want to immerse with my beloved
groping, sweating, churning, blending, pulsing
until it's one organism
flying for the ecstatic crack in the universe
to merge and become Eros
for as long as is possible
falling back into reality
falling back into our seperate selves
falling into each other's arms
watching the sparks...
...fading to embers...
...in each other's eyes...

eriedragon4 57M
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7/16/2006 1:54 am

Yes my dear we are alive and well....

Oh, Firefly, drifting o'er the meadow,
with golden flame aglow...
would you embrace this gentle wind
and some sweet pleasure know?

Could you let me lift you high,
dancing in the breeze?
Would you receive my soft caress,
gliding through the trees?

Please listen to my whisper,
"Come fly with me tonight.
Hold me close and dance aloft,
til early morning's light."

Or could you be a candle bright,
as breezes soft caress?
Would you build into a flame,
Love's sweet passions to posess?

Oh come and dance with me sweet flame,
and passion's magic share,
then resting in love's sweet embrace...
abandon every care.

angelofmercy5 58F
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7/16/2006 8:51 am

Welcome to the blogs! Two of my favorite romantics have already replied here! You are blessed! Hey! Stop over and register for camp! It's going to be alot of fun! CAMP APHRODISIAC...........Get Excited!!!

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