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11/2/2005 7:05 am

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Middle of the week

Well it's Wednesday morning. Just got the kids off to school. It would probably be pretty funny to sit back and watch things in my house from 6:30 to 7:30. Between showers, picking clothes out, making lunches, getting breakfast, and doing my daughter's hair it is a flurry of activity. Just found out the kids don't have school Friday. That is good and bad. Love being with my kids, but was planning on getting some shopping done Friday. Maybe G-ma can watch them for a couple of hours.

I still have not decided on what to do Saturday. I've thought about posting a feeler thread out on the Eastern Idaho AFFers group page, but that seems kind of desperate. I'd really like to have some adult conversation other than my mother in law. She's a great lady, she just talks way too damn much for me. Always wanting to solve everybody's problems. If I want to discuss something I'll bring it up, if not I'd prefer just to let it simmer a while until I'm ready to think/talk about it.

Regarding Saturday, I see three options at this point. Spend it along doing whatever, put out an invitation to dinner/movie on the EI AFFers group page, or get a call girl. I don't know which of those options are less appealing. I've never paid for company and don't think I really want to start. It is just with being new to the area and not getting out much I don't meet a whole lot of folks. And for whatever reason anybody I've contacted on this site hasn't seem interested in getting back to me. I'm guessing it's either because of my age, because I have kids, or because I'm separated but still legally married. Or maybe a combination of all three. Who knows. This stuff will drive you crazy though.

What is almost funny is the ratio of guys to girls here. It has to be at least 50 to 1, maybe twice that. First you have guys looking for girls, then you have couples looking for girls, and if the odds weren't already bad, you have half the girls just looking for girls. Boy, if you are a girls it is definitely a buyers market.

Well I'm gonna head into the office for a while and actually do some real work for a few hours. I still have 2 loads of laundry left and didn't get all the Halloween decorations pulled down.

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