Headed south for the winter  

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11/7/2005 10:26 pm

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Headed south for the winter

I found out today I'm leaving Sunday for Vegas. I just spent the last couple of hours making airline, hotel, and rental car reservations. Boy I hope I can get in a condo/home soon, the damn hotel was $99 a night base rate. I'm looking at a couple of rooms to rent, one is listed for $950/month with utilities included, the other was a couple hundred less but was a little smaller as well. Either way would be a heck of a lot better than $100/night.

My youngest boy was home sick today. I had to drop him off at Grandma's for a while so I could go into the office for a few hours and get some shopping done. I picked up an Ipod to take with me. I took the whole plunge and picked up the one with the 60 gig hard drive. That was damn near $400. With that and the new laptop I bought I've dropped over $1200 and haven't even left yet.

My oldest boy cracked me up this evening. I have the printer in my bedroom with my computer. All of the other computers in the house are networked together and print to this one printer. Yesterday he loaded MS Office onto the laptop I had to reformat over the weekend. When he was done he left me a little on screen message in Word saying I owed him $1000 dollars for the installation. Well I'm sitting here tonight working on reservations and the printer spits out a sheet. I look at it and it reads, "Dad where is the $1000 I get from downloading MS word? 3 days is all you have to get me the money or Your Fired!" I start laughing and hear him crack up from downstairs. That kid sure has sense of humor to him. He's a real joker. I had a real good evening with the kids, they were a lot of fun. But I can tell me leaving is going to be hard on them, when I told them I was leaving Sunday they all took it kind of hard. Boy it is going to be hard to leave them. Just hope it is not for too long. But you have to go where the money is.

Well I was looking forward to going to Pamel's B-day party this Saturday, but with me leaving Sunday morning I think I'll spend the time with my kids instead. I'll have to send her an e-mail and wish her Happy Birthday. Would have been nice to meet her and a few of the other AFFers around here. I had my fence mending tools all ready too. Oh well, there will be other opportunities.


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