Same ol' story  

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3/6/2006 7:08 am

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4/11/2006 8:56 pm

Same ol' story

I’m feeling a little cynical today. I apologize in advance if it annoys you. And now the ranting… Luck with the ladies has been down for a long time for me, but mainly due to the hand I dealt myself. I recently graduated from a college which harbored mostly male students because female interest in the campus dominated engineering and criminal justice curriculums is still relatively low. You’d be amazed by the type of culture this created on the campus. Males seemed to lurk about the campus like a pack of starving wolves chasing down any scent that seemed remotely female. I think this caused the female population to be very guarded and cautious; rightly so. Needless to say, a shy young man, like me, posed little chance in the dating world. I did end up dating three different ladies while in college but nothing great.

Now I’ve been working for a little over two months. My job has required me to move to the Quad Cities in a week. As I said, I am relatively shy; the bar scene doesn’t work well for me. So I’m thinking, being shy, what are my chances of meeting someone really great or someone to just get together for a good time? Not really likely. I ran across AdultFriendFinder and it looked like it would be a good idea…I joined as a standard member. Realizing that I don’t get responses from anyone in my area and that I can’t check out the profiles, I get a silver membership. Photo gets posted, personality profile completed, and then I start emailing females that seem to fit my interests. To my excitement I get a couple replies! I sift through them and they look remarkably similar. They direct me to another website. I realize that I’m getting some sort of automated response. Eventually, I get some genuine responses, but from gay men or couples asking me to engage in bisexual acts. I’m very sexual, but also very heterosexual. It seems that what few women part of AdultFriendFinder, some of the posts end up being an advertisement for some other site. The real females that are part of the site are probably bombarded by e-mails to the extent that they are overwhelmed. The likelihood that my email makes an impact seems pretty slim.

So again, I feel like I’m back in my college scene with AdultFriendFinder, where the male to female ratio is 12:1 and many of the males are lurking about, seeking to satisfy an unquenchable thirst. Again the females are very guarded and cautious. Rightly so…

rm_asic_us123 47M

4/10/2006 3:01 pm

Dude, just go to the bars downtown RI you can pick up a chick every weekend. I have been on this site since 2000 and have meet many nice ladies So keep trying.


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