One of Life's little Laws...  

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1/3/2006 5:54 am

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One of Life's little Laws...

Did you realize that one of life's laws is that "We teach people how to Treat Us". Rather than complain how people treat us we need to take ownership and learn to renegotiate your relationship to have what you want. We learn by results, wheter or not to accept, validate or reward behaviours impacts conduct and influences the choices that we make. People treat you the way they do because you have taught them, based on results, which behavior gets a payoff and which ones dont. If they get what they want the behavior continues if they do not they forget about that behaviour and acquire a new one. So every relationship is different because its two completely different people with different shape your own personal relationship and its not based on previous behaviours...most of us have baggage but its left at the curb. If I brought my baggage into my current relationship...that by the way is extremely successful...there would be major issues to overcome but by leaving it at the door things are amazing and I am controlling the outcome by my own behavior and reactions.

So you need to remember whenever you have a problem with someone taught them the rules and you created your own experience.

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