MMMM There I was.......  

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8/2/2006 5:13 pm
MMMM There I was.......

MMMM There I was sitting at the bar one Friday night after work having a nice stiff drink... The days events led me to that bar.... I sat at a table in the corner the lights were down low and the music at the moment was slow, sexy, and slinky.... Stressed I drank my first in a few gulps and ordered another... It was starting to get kindof busy but I paid no attention to that.. After about 2 or 3 drinks and a few dances I decided that I would go home and change... I was perking up and really wanted to look as if I were having fun... I had been talking to some friends of mine telling them I was going home to freshen up and come back when...... He walked through the door... I'm not one to place a person's value on thier looks... I like to get to know them by the way they think, act, ya know thier inside.... But he had it all!!! I sat and spoke to him a few times and the tention grows everytime we speak... I told my friends I was leaving to freshen up and He came in as I was leaving... I accidently brushed up against him as I walked out the door hoping that he wouldn't notice....
I got into my car and was leaving the parking lot when my best freind calls my cell... " Girl" she says... He's asking about you... I instantly smiled.... " He is?" I said " Yes! I told him you were going home to change and would be back and he left..." She hung up on me and went back to dancing I guess she always calls and then hangs up when her songs comes on... Kind of silly really but ya gotta love I made it home and went in side.... started my shower and laid out an outfit to wear... Not knowing if he was going to be there or not I wasn't going to take a chance and I chose something on the sexy side.... I pulled out my leather strapless corset and my leather skirt with my knee high boots.... I unclothed and climbed into to shower and began lathering myself up when I heard a door shut... Figuring that it was my cat kncoking something over I just went about my shower.... With my head tilted back and eyes closed lathering my chest and stomach I feel these strong masculine hands reach around me and then manly lips kiss my neck...I didnt ask who it was because in my mind I knew... when my best friend told me that hot man left I knew in my naughty little heart where he was going.... As he kissed my neck his hands explored my body... I turned to kiss him not once opening my eyes.... The moment was so magical.... having sex in the shower had always been a fantasy of mine and with him no doubt was the cream of the crop... As I kissed him he lifted me and placed my back against the shower wall and my legs wraped around his waist.... MMMM I tell ya it was fantastic!!! When we were done in the shower I looked at him and he at me... no a word said and he left the shower and went into the other room.... with a smile on my face I thought nothing more could make my night better.... I finished my shower and fot out with my towel around me thinking he had left.... I cam out of the bathroom and into a darkly lit bedroom with candles and him laying across my bed..... I dropped my towel and got on the bed and kissed him.... he rolled me to my back and placed me in the middle of the bed.... tieing my hands to the headboard post and feet to the legs of the bed.... then placing a blind fold upon my eyes...
He ran feathers, and various other objects up and down my body and making me wiggle with delight... We enjoyed the night with each other.... never made it back to the bar where friends were waiting..... From that night on we became inseperable.... The best sex ever!!! MMMMMM

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8/5/2006 10:11 pm


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4/27/2007 3:27 pm

that is nice, hmmmm would like for you to write a story about me

lokie58182124 33M

4/27/2007 3:29 pm

and discreet delights love the pic

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