germany679 39M
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4/29/2006 11:06 am

THe unexplainable;Why i keep it crystal clear words you cant explain in the dark? Manifested through the fleisch.You can feel it thats hard. ripping your heart that explains why im in charge.who live life plain?I still celebrate the birth when i came.Dishing out pain I have myself for the blame.I cant explain it myself so im lost in the game.Trying to find away out without getting shot to the brains.Leaving the pain in the liquior; aint nothing gone change.Talk to the hand!I have no understanding so stop with your playing!innocent bystanderds need to stick to the plan.So whatis he saying?dont even get me twisted again.Im living a thin line remember time in the pen.I was forgave for the sins i did.When i was lost in the wind.Now im back offend what i was taught to begin.Reveal to the world what i believe in ill die to defend. Thats the truth!!!!

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