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12/5/2005 3:44 am

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it rained sometime in the middle of the night and with the angry downpour hitting on the roof, my sleep was disturbed and i woke up feeling my own quickened heartbeat. at that moment, how i wished i had someone to cuddle and hug just so that my fears could be soothed. fat hopes...all around me were only my plush toys and mini pillows.

i tried to close my eyes and sleep again and eventually i did fall asleep though i know that i was not sleeping soundly. when the alarm rang this morning, i was reluctant to climb out of bed because it was just too cold and i had not had a decent sleep due to the downpour. rain was still trickling down the rooftop and that sound made me even more depressed. imagine having to trot through the rain and my shoes will get wet indefinitely, sigh...

after lying motionless for 15 minutes or so, i was palpitating. remember my unfinished business at work? i had not thought of what to wear this morning, so that's another uncalled for headache apart from the impending traffic jam doom whenever it rains early in the morning. this is not looking good for a monday i silently told myself. wait a minute, this will be a self actualization blue black monday if i continue to have such negative thoughts running wild through my mind. then i hopped into the bathroom and cleaned myself thoroughly. i put on some clean clothes and rushed for my liquid breakfast before heading off to the traffic jam battlehood. may the best and most skillful driver wins, erm, get to work safely in one piece

i started my day sluggishly and things did not improve until the moment i left for home. yes, what a day at work. good news is i managed to finish my unfinished business and i was extremely pleased, like a woman who had just had her waves of orgasm after being teased, so to speak well, that was the thing that was bothering me for the whole weekend and imagine that it solved within minutes. you see, the bank screwed up the bank statement and as a trained finance person, we were taught never to doubt or question the bank for they are the king of moolah. yes, my foot.

i had too much faith in the bank and the incompetent people behind the cut throat licensed loan shark business and in the end, i was too miserable to enjoy my weekends. but at least the matter was solved today, i ain't that dumb after all. it's just a matter how to transfer the benefit of doubt to the right and responsible party. die bankers die!!!

i just realized that i had developed a small tummy aww man...i guess it is a common working girl syndrome since we sit at our work station most of the time, whatmore a finance geek like me? admittedly, there are many people who likes to saunter and cat walk around the office but i am hardly one of those people who will leave the comfort of my work station unless necessary such as to answer nature's call. yes, i am a dedicated and committed worker ant

under normal circumstances, with the right undergarment, i am able to hide my flaws and body imperfections to a certain level only. the child bearing hips remains an eye catching part of my body, screaming for attention. while dark coloured clothes do work wonders, i still like to wear light and pastel coloured clothes just to dress up like my age. after all, i am young and available

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