when i speak, you listen  

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10/12/2005 7:17 am

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when i speak, you listen

i've decided to clarify your doubts, should you have any each time after you read my blog but will most likely not raise it to me...so let me have the know to be proactive and make it crystal clear for you.

1. do i aim to write an average of 5 pages long (formatted in word document, A4 size) entry each time i blog?

no. i am a psychopath but my area of psycholinguistics is not defined within this parameter where length is concerned.

2. do i aim to write an average of 10 paragraphs long entry each time i blog?

no. as a self declared maths aftermath, i still like to think that i love to write and not write and count at the same time. talk about multi tasking...ultimately, it's still the quality and not quantity that matters. it's blogging, not marathon writing.

3. do i aim to capture your attention every time i post a blog entry (because when you update your blog, i receive an e-mail notification about your word deed, so i assume you are duly notified when i do the same?)

yes and no. in view that curiosity killed the cat, i guess you might still be inclined to know what goes on in my little blogland. you might like to poke your nose into my blog can and sniff out the contents. so in a way, it'll draw me to your attention. if my writing intrigue you, it might be like a can of chicken soup for your soul. on the other hand, if i bore you with my nonsensical rants and ramblings, then you might have just ended up opening a can of worms. but still, i think i ought to be given some credits and a pat on the back if not monetary or material rewards for being able to input so much garbage in every entry. sorry to inform you that i don't suffer from attention deficit syndrome, hence i won't go all the way out just to replenish on the attention

but forget not that sometimes, particularly when i am writing, i am quite oblivious and detached from my surroundings (people included). most of the time, i write to soothe myself (it's a form of self anger management, it helps, trust me ). i like to string words that'll translate into my chain of thoughts to accessorize my empty soul. and that's what i mean when i say that there are days when i write, i feel that i am most beautiful then. so this is a "no" if you think i write to capture your attention.

4. do i have a life of my own since i am sometimes capables of writing thesis long daily blog entries?

"life" itself has a broad definition of multiple spectrum. some define life as to see and be seen, some define life as to club and be intoxicated...i'd like to say that writing is a prt of my life. it's a hobby, interest and passion that i have developed over the last few years. i am not a social outcast, otherwise i definitely would not have so much to write about.

5. have i considered journalism or free lance writing?

some friends have commented that i possess a flair for writing. while i admit that i like to write and perhaps to a certain extent do have some commendable writing skills, i could not visualize myself being a writer. don't ask my why i have such weird thoughts...i normally write as and when i wish (usually i yearn to write at the wrong time, such as during working hours when i am in the line of duty to guard my lair...but in the name of work professionalism and ethics, i don't misuse the resources at work to satisfy my craving to write. sometimes, people like to push their luck and be nasty, hence i always feel the need to seek shelter or rather solace in writing down my feelings so that those feelings don't get translated into harsh actions or rude words to the other party)

my writing topic is random and has a vast range. even as i write, i hop and jump from one topic to another topic that at times, i also find it hard to rein my flow of thoughts similar to that of a runaway train. i don't mind having my writings published if anyone is keen to have it reached out to a wider target audience...

6. why do i write about being treated unfairly every now and then?

as i stepped out of university with the scroll to permanent lifelong corporate slavery, i was really keen and enthusiastic to put on my power suit and run the world. then reality slapped me hard in the face and hind, girl, it's just not that simple but full of challenges and obstacles. i love the environment that i am presently working in, in fact as days go by, i have begun to develop a passion for my work. it's just that despite that huge canvas of career advancement and work satisfaction, human nature has to soil and stain that canvas...

i have encountered endless ill mannered people, not to mention numerous well mannered people as well. do unto to others what you want others to do unto you. i, for one, never tolerate rude people. my policy is if you're nasty, i won't stoop to your level but i'll be twice as nasty as you are. i don't get even, i draw the line further and cross the line instead...if it's a high stake mind game, i'll like to play show hand with you.

a friend warned me not to reply to business e-mails when in the heat of the moment...some people ended up breaking their rice bowl because of the act in the heat of the moment it seems. there was one case where i got really pissed off with the sender, not only this person is rude but equally nasty. i contemplated whether to reply in my usual devil-could-not-care-less way, or be the lesser of the 2 devils. toiling over that, i finally decided to give that person a surprise-i replied, sounding very apologetic and only asked that person to accomodate to my request as and when that person has the time. yes, for all i know, though tomorrow never dies but it might never come after all. never put off what you can do today until tomorrow. in the course of work, i learnt that sometimes it is not worth trying to cover and protect your anterior and posterior as well as some else's because if the boss wants to play a game of dart, some part of you might have to be the dart board. notice good news seldom travel at the speed of light as opposed to bad news? the same go for good deeds as opposed to bad deeds. sure it feels good to go the extra mile but heading the wrong direction at a high speed can be deadly.

7. did i ever feel sick of myself or my writings filled with rants and rambles?

yes and no. i complain, whine and lament a lot, this i admit openly. if i actually got paid each time i grumble, i would have toppled bill gates off the world's wealthiest person list by now. but, it's a priviledge to be able to do all of the above simply because as a new age female, i am entitled to do so...

8. is it also a pleasure and leisure to rant and ramble mindlessly?

no, but i am entitled to do at my peril, thank you. surely it's frustrating to write and then read a piece of worthless nonsense...garbage in, garbage out but i still reckon it as an account of my life experience.

9. will i consider keeping a diary instead, just to jot down more personal accounts?

no. i am a neat freak bordering on a disorder called obsessive compulsive disorder (think monk or john cage...my idols). i cannot tolerate spelling mistakes though i make such errors very frequently and dislike correcting the mistakes with correction liquid. i get quite upset by untidy and illegible handwriting (i have my high standard of what should be defined as neat handwriting)...besides, it's quick and hassle free to just type away, less tormenting to my hand after years of jotting notes in school. if you have the technology, utilize it to ease your burdens having said all of the above, don't get me wrong. i have neat and tidy handwriting as opposed to ugly ones, i like to receive and write letters using the good old pen and paper as well. surely my room or work station might not reflect this trait or obsessive compulsiveness in me...but trust me, i am quite a freak when it comes to certain things.

eternal1969 47M
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10/12/2005 9:10 am

yes mam right mam..... read every sentence dutifully

georgina666 36F

10/13/2005 6:04 am

now that's a good boy eternal dear...another brownie point in store for you

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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10/14/2005 8:51 pm

Oh it's u. Welcome back.

georgina666 36F

10/17/2005 6:14 am

missed me? knew you would

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