upside down life  

georgina666 36F
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11/21/2005 3:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

upside down life

i am not happy on this monday, a blue black gloomy monday. at work, i was bypassed just like another piece of redundant wall decoration. tasks which was to be done by me only reached me via another colleague, supposedly god's messenger (read god as boss).

nonetheless, if i was already assigned the resonsibility to uphold my my job title, why else would i need to go through my predecessor who is happily flitting about where work is concerned? sure i am a small fry by any measure but i still believe in giving due respect pride and dignity to your subordinates and not bypassed as such that i am doing what is requested through another party instead of a direct instruction from the boss. what could wrong? ahh, yes, now i remember. they are all men who are chain smokers burning rolled up dollar notes, that's what they are and perhaps more so why they click so well. should i turn to smoking then and join them for their cigarette break at the emergency exit puffing my life and youth away?

indeed, it hurt me a lot and i sat there biting my tongue just so that no other language would flow out unintentionally. i'll do as requested and submit it first thing he next morning but my anger and frustration was not subdued and drowned in the course of completing the tasks.

all in all, it was a bad day and my face clearly showed that it was thunder and lightning brewing in my interior soul that no one dared to approach me. another social blunder in the corporate world? perhaps perhaps perhaps.

silently i wondered, was i too sensitive? perhaps boss had a reason to his act. but the more i assure myself to give him a benefit of doubt, the more i realized that if this goes on, i might end being outcasted in the race for promotions and upholding more importants tasks that'll allow me to prove my worth and capabilities. all of a sudden, i felt like a forsaken concubine...for all that i have worked so hard for was in vain...

i have no other aim in life now apart from making more money and building my career. as much as i'd love to have my significant other half by my side, truly i ask you, how many men out there are sincere for my hand? none perhaps, more likely they're after a specific anatomy on my body. heck, even so, they'd still have things to comment about my face, body shape, skills and what not. i am not a bitter person towards love, in fact despite walking out on my estranged half of 4 years, i still have faith that love will complete me. the big question mark lies on the head of the potential suitor lost in the midst of the horrible KL city traffic jam.

love is beyond our control while career is something within our control, simply put. sometimes you can gice your all in a relationship only to walk away like a wrecked titanic. that was what happened to me and it was a living hell. i shudder to think about it even wise, i have always believed that as long as i work hard and go the extra mile, i'll definitely fall somewhere among the stars. but what happened today began to shake my confidence on that outlook. perhaps i should reevaluate and reflect on myself.

i am a strong person, no doubt about that. i can get a lot of things without much help and i can even shoulder the responsibility of taking care of the whole family. but truth betold, how long more can i suffer such harsh treatments from life and work, the one factor which i am so focussed and bent on? deep down, i am still a female. regardless how male and female argue about gender equality, i think there'd never be an equality. males and females are designed to serve their purpose, if both genders are equal we would not need 2 genders and sex would never materialize. AdultFriendFinder would have not been a brainchild of a nymphomaniac and would have not been a cashcow to a sexmaniac.

Kent641 55M/48F

11/21/2005 1:24 pm

hello georgina, it easy to be said than done. regard to relationship,the 4 years. seem like still burning. my guess is ... havent died off completely. be it, regard to work or other things than your job. let it loose. just let it pass and not keep the anger inside. unforseen circumtances may come...just let it pass. you will feel better. since you are still young and at this tender age of yours. you have lot of opportunity upfront. just need a little luck, the right timing and hard work. when this opportunity come and you know how to take it. there is only one place that will be waiting for you. up. that will accumulate more wealth and social status in life. you are smart...just be patience. people that can tahan...the chances are...they always win. ofcourse...not all but who know. you might be one of them. well, today is tuesday. hope you feel better today. have a great day, georgina.

eternal1969 47M
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11/22/2005 9:13 am

hmmmm ... we seem to be having bad days at the office at the same time. R you sure we ain't in the same office?

rm_TopsyTurvy69 52M
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11/24/2005 11:30 pm

HUHHH? What the heck on earth r u spitting about?

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