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1/10/2006 1:20 am

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top blogger #2 in malaysia

what does it truly take to be a top blogger or at least be in the ranks of top 10 bloggers in your area/country?

i was unaware of my blog's so-called position as lady in waiting after sassybelle21's blog in malaysia until recently, a regular reader (who has since disappeared since i declined to meet on a few ocassions due to unforeseen circumstances) told me that i am the second most popular blog owner in malaysia.

when i was told, i scratched my head hard for i could not see any reason behind the number 2 spot. after all, i write about absolutely boring stuffs and laced it with ocassional steamy and erotic titles. but let me just have a fair say on this erotic title but bland content entries issue. as an avid blog follower, i have pretty much encountered worse entries compared to mine. really off and erotic titles but when you open up the blog, a one-liner awaits you...normally asking a sex-related question.

of late, i have read several more blogs which in my humble opinion is even worse than a one-liner. these unscrupulous people have scooped the entire article/poem/passage/quote/anecdote/joke from forwarded e-mails or the internet and passed it of as their own work. hmmph, they should be crucified and hurled with dictionaries and thesaurus just to knock some senses into their little plagiarism mind.

i am dilussioned sometimes. what it takes to be a top blogger, or be one of the top bloggers? is it truly the contents of the blog or simply some erotic pictures accompanying senseless writings? but hey, this is AdultFriendFinder, anything can be allowed to happen...

no, i don't aim to be a top blogger. whatever for? unless i am getting paid for each reader that drops by or for every comment i received in my blog, being a top blogger is insignificant when one liners are plenty here where we write.

but over time, i have come across a few blogs worth reading. some are truly talented writers who can inject so much humour in their entries while the rest are regular readers and friends.

regardless i read your writing through a sex site or somewhere else, but i am one person who appreciates fine writing. write on!

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