the monday that was...  

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9/12/2005 4:41 am

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the monday that was...

today, my blue black monday is deserved to be written into a melancholic song, so i shall be the song writer today instead of sharing yet another song with you.

like i said, ever since i started to be a permanent corporate slave, monday was never only blue but black as well. i nose dived into bed slightly later than my usual nose diving hours and suffered from insomnia, just to add salt to wound. i dozef off later on, without much effort despite the insomnia though i did not resort to counting sheep or the number of open pores on my face. indeed, for the past few weeks, the weather had been mercilessly scorching hot. so last night, i ended up waking up several times to switch the air-condition on and off because the moment it gets too cold, i switched it off...and the moment it gets too hot, i switched it on. and that fun moment with the remote control went on for several times last night...

come dawn, i was wide awake at 5.57 am way before the alarm actually screamed at the top of its buzzer...moments later, i went to La La Land only to be rudely awaken by the alarm. mind you, by now, it was the best time to fall into a great slumber but sadly slavery beckons. i finally woke up grudgingly at 7.20 am, and that was when the nightmare in broad daylight begins.

as soon as i stepped out of the shower, i quickly dried up myself and reached out to grabb my newly bought black long sleeved knitted top, another pseudo turtleneck but this one resembled more like a boatneck style. i thought i'll pair it off with a black short skirt with small red flower prints...but the ensemble made me looked like a janitor in China during the winter season.

i was pissed with what i saw in my mirror. so i removed the skirt and matched the top with another pair of pin striped black pants. i was already running out of time because by the time i stand in front of my wardrobe pondering on what is the best combination, the clock is ticking away. i wanted to grab a nice necklace to match with the plain top but due to the boatneck style...i opted for my diamante earings instead. i made a dash to the kitchen without tripping and rolling down the stairs. hurriedly, i gulped my milo and grabbed my buns (not my boobs, but those were the oat buns which i will have for lunch).

i drove like a mad woman on a suicide mission as i anticipate the mad rush by other slaves on a blue black monday...the horrible thing about monday is that there are more motorists than usual that will clog up every road possible, baffles me too. yeah, you tell me why...

of course, i met a lot of insane pre-menstrual lady drivers on the road who seemed equally bent to kill me as i am to kill them. but since i am typing this blog entry, rest assured i am not writing from heaven (sorry, i cannot confirm if heaven has internet connection just yet) if i were in heaven right now, very likely i'll transmit this blog through your dreams!

i got to work 10 minutes late just because i left the house 8 minutes later than usual. see, the thing about traffic jam is that even a nano second makes a hell lot of difference. so be wise, my resolution for tomorrow is to leave house 10 minutes earlier than i did today

i was pretty quiet at work today. all of a sudden, i was at high level of irritance. i hear colleagues talking and chatting about absolutely nothing and i was silently cheesed off. but i held my displeasure though they have very much ignored me for almost half the day anyways...

we went for lunch together in the end because there was a reason to celebrate. i had ice chocolate with whipped cream and fish and chips at secret recipe's. i reckon the best part of my meal was the ice chocolate, just good enough to soothe my raging hormones. the fish and chips looked miserable, as though they dipped it in the oil and forgot to remove the fish fillet until they realized that there was an order...and the chips can be counted, so you can imagine how inflation has driven food outlets to cut down on the starch intake for corporate consumers like me.

went back to work and the day ended pretty quickly, either that or i was too pissed to notice anything else. and to sum up the whole day, the creme de la creme of calamities and catastrophies must be my wearing the wrong bra under my clothes. i believe you would have seen and eaten the croissant with a hotdog before? yes, just imagine that piece of pastry being stuck to my chest for the whole under my knitted top. my buns (boobs) looked funny, now i would say they really looked like buns instead of boobs. it was horrifying...mind you, it was not fun to look as though i had hid a sausage roll under my clothes (bet shakira won't be pleased to hear me sing "underneath my clothes") generally, i still looked like i have breasts...but basically i looked like i have twisted breasts!

my wardrobe mirror did not do a good job early this morning to warn me that indeed, the bra was not a good i stepped into the elevator and was all alone in it, i glanced at my reflection on the shiny metal surface and gasped in horror but it was too late. it's not like i had an extra bra in my bag or had a spare on in the car or office. hence i had to bare with the bad bra day until i scrambled to leave work when it was 6.10 pm. as i stepped into my car, i realized that i only have coins to pay for car park and those were the miserable and annoying 10 cent coins...

so much "luck" in a day that i wondered if lady luck went for a vacation without warning me first. cars queued up as i search for every single cent possible that i can lay my hands on, it's not that i had no more cash in my wallet but i had hundred dollar notes instead. yes, again, i never had such track record of being an empty wallet carrier, but today i was the ultimate champion. could things get worse?

as i was driving to leave the office area, suddenly a flock of jay walkers decided to perform some group heroic car was just centimeters away from them and i still see undecisive pedestrians pondering whether to take the risk of being run over by me or not. i was naturally thrilled because i saw so many victims (all are ladies if i had not mistaken) that i too became undecisive on which victim to choose as my road rage lamb. well, you can say that my sanity was still at realm because if i had bloodied my car with their blood, i might have to type this from the which you might think that "wow, malaysia has such sophisticated prisons that allow prisoners to type away without much care and worry..."

so, on my way home, i was having flashbacks of the monday that was for me...and i saw several cars which looked very familiar because i normally see the same exact vehicle when i am on my way home...i saw this guy again, in his cute nissan march. then i was thinking, could i possibly strike a friendship with him if i attempted to bang his car? then we'll have some issue to resolve lunatic? i don't know because i cannot believed what i have just typed in the former line...pardon me.

as i was approaching this narrow two lane road, the crane truck swerved into my lane, narrowly missing my car by a few centimeters. again, i was lucky or else i would have been able to testify if heaven indeed has internet connection. from then on, i was wondering if i could really make it home alive to type this blog...the whole day seemed like a horrible though minimal spate of bad luck have befall me but still, you never know! and i didn't have my best innerwear on today. hmm, perhaps that was the cause?

i made another discovery today, that i take only half of the time to get home in the evening compared to get to work in the morning. amazing or what? no, this is kl after all...

eternal1969 47M
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9/12/2005 7:55 am

At the sound of your distress call, I super bra-man swing to the rescue. As in any other day, I will throw you a lifeline of my pride saving bra collection so that you may regain some dignity and be able to push your chest out with your head held high. But again I wonder, if the shape is bugging you so much, isn't it time you did without it?

just a thought

georgina666 36F

9/13/2005 5:21 am

dear bra man,

with the bra, there are some cherries and radio dials...without the bra, there is just barren chest without no "ups and downs", valleys or mountains.

but i am done with the sausage roll look for the moment though...thanks anyhow for the suggestion.

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