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12/30/2005 6:13 pm

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steamy to boredom in zero seconds

i wrote to seek your from all alikes came back with very different but encouraging feedbacks. my, you guys are getting better

see, the thing about friendster is, it's flat and boring in some ways. people write some very patronizing testimonials but the true agenda is to fish for more from your goodself. some send really immature messages and let's not even get me started on that.

what am i seeking from AdultFriendFinder? well, i'd say companionship with men who are slightly older from my own age group though this is not necessarily the prime criteria. simply put, imagine a 25 years old found here and another found in friendster...there is a stark difference. i cannot begin to spill my sexual frustrations (when there is) to someone from friendster, can i? besides, the people in my network are usually a friend of a friend's. now, that is hilarious if all the contents of our illicit and erotic messages should be made known to my circle of network. i appreciate male friends but at the same time seek male companions as well, not necessarily of the sexual type though if things do lead to that, then it's all the better for us?

i won't begin a self defence plead here for i have no crime to confess to, except that i feel bad that some of you are bored to death when you read what i have to write. but for this, you ought to ask yourself why you are drawn to my steamy titles, as someone put it that way. so the next time i post another erotic title entry, be sure not to fall into my trap's funny and i now feel as though i am baiting men to read my blog by aptly selecting erotic titles for my entries. thank you, shall make a mental note to refrain from misleading the public, lest this crime becomes a stigma to my blog.

it's always exclusive to divulge and seek solace in the arms of strangers. true, some people here may end to be someone i actually know but the level of privacy remains high. if only i happened to have all the luck in the world to eventually meet up with a friend of mine through AdultFriendFinder, so be it. but in the meantime, the world need not know that georgina has some sexual activity inclinations but is still cautious and selective.

like i said, outside my own thoughts and perceptions of this site, i am not sure if it's really that easy for men to seek women for sex and vice versa. perhaps my crime lies in the fault that i have highlighted and brought forth my brutal honesty that don't expect too much of a sexual favour from me right from the beginning.

i felt a sharp poke laced with rib tickling humour when a reader mentioned that my entry title entries always seem to be steamy and yet the contents merely fitted to be the wrappers of our local breakfast delight. thank you kind sir, that was a very apt analogy and i agree full heartedly. which was why, it got me to thinking, what else could i write here?

admittedly, i do blog elsewhere. my writing pleasures is not only exclusively available here in AdultFriendFinder. but the reason why i have been blogging actively here is because i found myself drawn to revealing my inner deepest thoughts to an audience of a different sort...not to the people whom i know inside out and outside in peeking into my thoughts. i don't mind having some close friends reading about what i have to rant but there are mere acquaintances who threatened to mar and ruin the security blanket.

no, i don't suffer from bad day everyday, bad hairday yes, but bad life every day is a little dramatic and exaggerated. some of you probably feel that i am always in the dump every day because i can't seem to get over my grief for certain calamities which posed huge impact on me, such as my dented beloved baby and the sprain on my foot.

i am considering of getting the personal contacts of some regular readers and zoom off into the sunset of personal e-mail exchanging instead. then i'll discard my blog for good. no, this is not an emotional blackmail, but nonetheless a thought that has been in my mind for a while now. there are days when i review the comments and found that yes, some men are quite turned off for having this nun in AdultFriendFinder.

alternatively, i can still write one liners under an erotic title and get by the day but truly, what is the objective of stooping to the level? i can't pretend to write about some guy ogling at me when i have none, neither can i write about non-existent sex life but fantasies once in a while.

for the final entry of the year 2005, i'll still blog and share my thoughts but there might come one day when i will discard this blog completely when i feel that i am out of sync with the sex oriented readers. then i'll write elsewhere i guess.

sorry, i can't and won't divulge too much about my sexual experiences because there is limited to write about and a little privacy is needed from my end.

one final note, the issue about china dolls...haha, i never regarded myself as a babe or sexy chick right from the first word in my profile to the very last drop. hence when i sounded arogant and nasty here (if i ever did) it was not because i thought i am a god sent sex goddess. i fear you as much you fear me...i fear you'd rip me apart and you fear i'd rip your wallet to shreds. or any other fears...

but china dolls are pretty no doubt and they are easier to target too...have heard men choosing china dolls over malaysian babes these days but let me just say that materialistic women, whether malaysian or china breed alike, have the same modus operandi manual. i did include my wishlist but i am not emulating these people...if i change overnight from nun to horny bunny, yes, the list would be effected but as at today and possibly eternity, i am still pretty much the same geek.

have a great year ahead and if i did bore you to almost erectile dysfunction state, i am sorry and you don't have to come back to this blog ever after.

P/S: eternal, i asked for stationeries because i like to write letters too though in am not sure if in this age and day, men would still like to receive letters from girls?!...and it's much cheaper compared to other materialistic yearns


rm_choongkiat 39M

12/31/2005 12:36 am

just feel touch to read this article, good to sharing your story, just the way to express feeling only..

rm_crazy4000 33M

12/31/2005 4:32 am

Heard you loud and clear there... Wow if u consider urself a nun, then i must be Jesus.

Honestly speaking, im a 22 year old virgin boy and proud to be one. Yup, never done it even once. Just waiting for the right one. Its not dat i cant get a girl, on the contrary, I was hunted down by girls back when i was in high school. and i mean that literaly. even girls from the evening session(i wan in moring session) somehow found was to get to me. Kindda frustrating coz its hard to find a girl just to talk to as a friend. Call me showing of or what ever, but its what happend back then. I think here i can find ppl to talk abt sex freely, since i come from a conservative environment.

Enough of that. Btw, George, i think its not ur topics that scare away ppl, i think its ur language. Its not bad, but sumtimes its to poetic for simple guys like me to understand easily, and if its possible, please dont include too many topics in one post, i find it quite confussing...its not the end of the world, u can still blog tomorrow or the day after tomorrow...oh wait, the day after tomorrow is when mother nature gets mad and gobbles up the northen hemisphere (as in the movie "day after tomorrow") hahaha.. stupid joke

Anyways just a few comments for u to improve ur blog. sorry for being so direct... Hope u dont stop blogging... Tata!!!

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